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Concord Students Graduate
« on: August 12, 2011, 06:21:55 AM »
I thought I'd share this from the Concord Connector:

Concord Celebrates 16th Graduation Ceremony
The Skirball Cultural Center has been the venue for all but the first two Concord graduation ceremonies. On Saturday, July 30th, the Concord community celebrated its 16th ceremony there on a lovely southern California day. Faculty, friends and family cheered as 24 of the 31 JD graduates and nearly half of the EJD graduating class crossed the stage to receive their diplomas from Dean Stephen Burnett. The graduates were then hooded by Associate Deans Cassandra Colchagoff and Greg Brandes. In total, 62 degrees were awarded to the summer 2011 graduating class.

David Yellen, dean and professor of law at Loyola University Chicago School of Law, delivered the keynote speech. Under his stewardship, Loyola has partnered with Concord to use Concord's proprietary learning management system and expertise to put Loyola LLM and Master of Jurisprudence degree programs online. In his remarks, he noted the growing trend in online education adding that many schools now want to copy the kind of partnership Loyola and Concord have forged.

Dean Yellen, a member of the ABA Standards Review Committee, also talked about legal education generally. With a nod toward today's more regulated economy and the need for legal training within various industries, he added, "You will see a lot of reason for Concord's existence in the future, and what Concord has offered you will become more important as time goes on."

After the graduates received their diplomas with many rounds of applause, awards were presented in recognition of service to the legal community, contribution to the law school, and academic excellence:

Professor Robert Barrett presented the Kaplan Legal Service award to: Marie Wolf.

Dean Martha Siegel presented the ALI-ABA award to: Natalie Moores.

Dean Bracci presented the Sue Lane Award (named after Concord's first registrar whose strong work ethic, compassionate nature, and service to the community are the basis for this award) to: Kathryn Hawkes.

Dean Stacey Sharp presented the EJD Award for Academic Excellence to: Shy Shorer.

Dean Greg Brandes presented the Jack Goetz Award (for highest GPA in JD class) to: Kelly Roe.

Congratulations to the summer 2011 class!

Watch the video at, Summer 2011.