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Another Class Action Lawsuit by Students against Two Large Law Schools!

Here we go again!  Last time I posted about a TJSL law grad who sued TJSL for misleading employment statistics.  Now two Large Law Schools have been named in a Class Action Law Suit, namely Thomas Cooley and New York Law School, for misleading graduate employment statistics.  Some of us online/distance law students have been saying for many years that brick and mortar law schools are overrated and overpriced with very little post graduate tangible benefits in return.  I just recently talked with a young lady who recently graduated from Ave Maria Law School, who decided to stay working as a Social Worker, after graduating and passing the CA Bar, because it pays better than what she would get as a new law school graduate. 

You can read all the scoop at this link 


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Thanks for sharing. And, FYI for all of you who are interested in the inner-workings (or non-workings) of the legal profession, I recommend a free subscription to The National Law Journal at Law. com. Great resource. Which is were this link comes from.Are You Beer Worthy?


If they are doing false advertising they should be punished.

That's what people don't get. "Freedom of Speech" dosn't protected any random statement (cant say bomb in an airport)

People who are getting sued by cooley for example started lawsuits against cooley first(and the others created websites dedicated to openly proveable lies and false statements that they knew were false when they made them as alumni of the school) So if someone slugs you and you slug back and they cry.......let them cry.

Who ever comes out ahead in the cases mentioned here, I wish justice the best and the truth come out. Regardless of for who.