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What are my chances?

What are my chances?
« on: August 02, 2011, 06:42:59 AM »
Hey guys,

   So its been my dream to get into Fordham Law School and I just need some solid opinions on my chances of getting accepted. I started my undergrad at a 2 year college and wast so serious with school and didn't know if i wanted to stay, i graduated with a 2.87 GPA in business administration, i then transfer to a four year college and got serious with my school work and graduated with my undergrad BA in accounting with a 3.81 GPA, and won a bunch of awards, this GPA does not average in my old GPA and has an index of only 60. I was wondering what my chances would be since i have shown great improvement, my averaged GPA  score is a 3.34. How would Fordham law look at this situation, and what Lsat score should be in my goal, would being an accounting major lower my chances. Realistically guys i need to know what i need to do and if i would ever get into Fordham?

Re: What are my chances?
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Fordham is hard as crap to get into.  Look at their numbers from the ABA to get an idea what LSAT you would need.  You can also go to for a better, more detailed break down.  I'm guessing at least 165+, conservatively. The LSAC does not calculate any GPA past you first bachelor's.  It will be in your file, but they only use the first one, everything after that is considered grad school.  Speaking of, you may want to get a master's.  It won't help your UGPA, but may help you stick out.  The quality of your PS and writing ability may also be factors, good luck.