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Government & Public Service law fields

Government & Public Service law fields
« on: July 20, 2011, 10:42:10 PM »
I'm starting my 1L year in about a month now, and I know its a ways off to even consider work options- but, I know in general I would like to pursue a career in the government and/or public service law fields. I have the typical political science undergrad background, and a few years pt experience in campaigns, nonprofit, and one semester of a legislative internship.

I'm going to absolutely focus my first year and work for the best grades I can attain, possibly a 10-15 hour pt job in the spring but thats all.

I wanted advice on how to best prepare to be a marketable law student in the government/ public service law field?

Also, I've noticed a difference between the two terms.

By government I mean state/local prosecutor, AG, and admin law as desirable areas.

Public service I've noticed as meaning either government or public interest/indigent work. * I find this area very admirable, but am very hesitant because it seems to be very grant funded, and I'm not sure if its an area you can work your way up in like you can in a government agency. I probably wouldn't be opposed to it as an entry level option, but as a career field I can't see it.