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To go or not to go?

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Duncanjp, thank you for sharing your experience. I realize that law school will be harder than any other form of study I have pursued – which is one of the many reasons that the degree appeals to me. I don’t need it for my professional career (although it will not hurt). I want to be pushed to achieve something that I never thought possible and feel a sense of accomplishment for doing it. Now that I have been accepted (which by the way, as hard as I worked for acceptance I still did not think it possible) I am beginning to focus more on law school as a marathon – or as you confirmed - a studious mountain climb that will require years of hard work, focus and dedication.
I also realize that there are several newly minted law graduates that are bitter about limited job opportunities and high debt. I am so thankful to them for voicing their frustration because it has resulted in my going into law school with my eyes wide open. I have no fantasy, no preconceived notions or wild dreams about what a law degree will do for me. But, I do have a plan. And it is based on factual research and opinions from experienced professionals. I am familiar with professionals who when coupled with years of experience, their law degree put them in a more advantageous position than many - including those graduating with a law degree, mountainous debt and no job prospects.