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Robert Gordon Univ./Aberdeen Bus School - Law School Online - Scotland

Well, I just found another new online law school in the UK - Robert Gordon University/Aberdeen Business School.  Looks like they just started offering the LLB program online and reasonably priced at approximately $3900.00 per year.  You will need a Bachelor's Degree in specific majors as a pre-requisite.  I like their assessment of course work a little better than the Univ. of London and Northumbria.  They are also flexible as to what pace you want to study, their website says 2 to 4 years for completion. 

Remember, the reason why I post these non-USA schools is because you can qualify to take the Bar exam in some of the States in the USA if you have a qualified law degree from another Common Law country.  You can check out the other post for the link on Bar Exam requirements that passaroa25 posted titled "Comprehensive Guide to Bar Admission Requirements."  Ok, here is the link

Here is a link to "Lawyertv" on you tube of some sampling of Scottish courts and oral presentation