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National Inflation Assoc. cost of college ed. - still want brick & mortar law?

Hi Everybody,

There was an interesting article written by the National Inflation Association regarding the cost of college education.  They give a good perspective on how colleges have hyper-inflated tuition etc...  Most of us have read, heard, or argued about the cost of a legal education these days.  We on this forum have promoted and encouraged online/distance learning methods in particular.  I personally believe that distance/online learning law schools are better in cost, content, and methodology.  I have a business background, and I have most of the time advised younger students, even my own children (I have eight), that colleges are businesses that exist at your expense, and now also have some sort of agenda/ideology attached.

If you are still in the brick and mortar mode of thinking in regards to a law school education, please read this article and read what others have posted regarding post law school employment and income statistics.

Read the full article here