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Link to California Bar Website w/Distance and Online Registered Law Schools

Let me hit the nail on the head again, as I don't argue a point for the sake of argument but fact.  I just called a friend I knew who had enrolled at Oak Brook College of Law, an online/distance learning law school in California, Christian based, and the school has no special formula for helping their students that I am aware of other than their students typically are very intelligent and persevering.  Here are his stats:

1.  Passed the Baby Bar first attempt without exam prep materials.
2.  Passed the California Bar first attempt without exam prep materials, 2004.
3.  Hired shortly after graduation with a non-profit legal defense organization based in Virginia.
4.  Moved to California, worked with a fellow graduate of Oak Brook College of Law and attorney.
5.  Now an Assistant District Attorney in Tulare County, California.

If you want to verify, I will not give you his name (because I did not get permission to use his name), but you can do your homework and google the D.A.'s office in Tulare County, call them and ask them if they have any attorneys on staff that have graduated from an online/distance learning law school, Oak Brook College of Law in particular.   

And your friend is one of the select few in a online law school who would have probably passed the bar regardless of the quality of the education he received.

Even with students that "typically are very intelligent and persevering" they manage about a 50% baby-bar passage rate. 

A "very intelligent" person should draw their own conclusions.

Most students, brick and mortar, and online/distance use some type of bar exam prep!  No law student just passes the Baby Bar and General Bar first attempt without exam prep programs.  So, my fellow online law students take heart, as my friend at Tulare County District Attorney's office has proven the merits of online law schools, and the characteristics of a successful online law student that exceeded the standards of brick and mortar law schools!