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Paralegal Option leads to fast track Law Degree

Paralegal Option leads to fast track Law Degree
« on: May 17, 2011, 07:48:32 AM »
I noticed Canadian Business College with locations in the Greater Toronto area recently had their Paralegal Accreditation approved by the Law Society of Upper Canada.  This is interesting because this school is also an approved supporting Degree Institute for the University of London (UK) for their external Law Programs (LLB, LLM).  I am going to take the one year Paralegal Program in order to challenge the Paralegal exam and obtain local credentials and start my own small claims court business, and with this Income I will register for the external LLB program via Univeristy of London and use my Paralegal Diploma to enter  (without LSAT).  In two years I can complete my LLB and Challenge the UK Bar exam and use the LLB Degree together with my Canadian Law education to apply for the Canadian Bar exam.  The Paralegal Program include internship and hopefully the Law Firm will take me as an articling student. 

Thereby I can practice law without having taken an undergraduate degree in Canada.   I think my credentials from London School of Economics or Queen Mary will be just as good. 

Every Provincial Bar sets its own regulations, but there is a common evaluation of foreign law degrees. From the wbsite of the Law Society of Upper Canada (Ontario):
The National Committee on Accreditation (NCA) is a standing Committee of the Federation of Law Societies of Canada. It is made up of representatives from the Committee of Canadian Law Deans, members of the practising bar, and members involved with the administration of provincial law societies. The Committee evaluates the legal training and professional experience of persons with foreign or non-common law legal credentials and who seek admission to a Bar in Canada.

Candidates who seek to enter the Licensing Process by way of a certificate of qualification issued by the National Committee on Accreditation must apply to the NCA and submit their documented qualifications in law and experience in law for the Committee's evaluation. The Committee will determine what, if any, further studies the candidate must undertake to meet the equivalent of an approved LL.B./J.D. program at a Canadian university. In some cases, the candidate will be required to pass certain examinations and in other cases, the candidate will be required to successfully complete specified course credits at a law school.

The National Committee on Accreditation may also refuse a certificate of qualification and, with or without a recommendation of advanced standing, require the candidate to graduate from an approved law course. For application forms and further information please contact The National Committee on Accreditation


Re: Paralegal Option leads to fast track Law Degree
« Reply #1 on: May 18, 2011, 10:40:45 PM »
This might be the worst idea I've ever heard, like literally ever. ever ever.

First, you're presumably doing this as a "fast track."  However, it will take you approximately:
1 year - Paralegal school
4 months - Paralegal exam
Years to build a "small claims court business"

You know what.. actually, it's not even worth it to go through the timeline.  Trust me, it will take you a lot longer than the 4 years it would take to get an LLB in the UK (4 years) + do Canadian equivalency exams (roughly 1 year).  In addition, weird ass paralegal school followed by a distance learning law degree will get you absolutely nowhere in terms of being hired by a Canadian law firm.  In sum, do not do any part of your plan.  Instead, get a law degree at the best school you can get into in Canada (if you want to practice here) or he UK (if you want to practice there). 


Re: Paralegal Option leads to fast track Law Degree
« Reply #2 on: October 27, 2011, 12:37:08 PM »
Second Poster is dead on. I had a first career out of University and I was able to acquire some assets. Not rich but ok. In my early thirties I was burnt out. A friend from the Caribbean took one of these external degrees and told me it helped him with landing a job and complemented his accounting background. It sounded like a good option. Study an external degree and then do the NCA credits and get hired in a law firm. I had a couple of choices that I was thinking about. An accounting degree, the police force or a legal career.
I chose the third. I completed the external degree with honours. The NCA states that I basically have to do two years of study. One year of full time law school and some credits. The whole process could take me into the early forties with no guarantee of a job. I did not rack up too much debt and can go back to my previous career.
Many who have studied at the US law schools with hundreds of thousands in debt are in a bad situation themselves. Some dentists I know have so much debt from school and starting a practice they had to pull the plug. My situation is not the worst but I would not advise an EXTERNAL DEGREE. STUDY LAW WHERE YOU WANT TO PRACTICE IT.Funny thing I bumped in to this friend and he told me congrats and that you can't do much but say you have an LL.B and that's about it.  Why didn't this ass tell me this five years ago. After the first year I had my doubts but stuck with on the advice of family. Do your own research concerning any career choice. What was great 10 years ago could be a dead end now. :-[


Re: Paralegal Option leads to fast track Law Degree
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why would you listen to anyone, ANYONE, and not do the research yourself? ???