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leave for another degree

leave for another degree
« on: April 08, 2011, 01:43:47 PM »
I am at one of the lower-level law schools in NY, but still in top 100.
I have a very bad back and am not sure i can succeed later in life AS A LAWYER with all the reading and writing.  I do, however, enjoy law school. There are so many diff. opinions as to whether or not law school is worth it if you do not become a lawyer.
 I only got a 2.75 GPA my first semester, but i should raise that to above a 3.0 after this semester. 
 I have a strong biology undergraduate science degree from a top 20 public university (3.34 GPA)
Will other graduate schools (MBA/PhD/MS) frown upon a 2.75 first-year law GPA if i leave because of health issues (temporarily disabled). I want to stay in graduate schoo; just not sure if I can make it as a lawyer but am afraid if I leave law school I wont get into another graduate school that is a. good enough of a school - i would love to go to UT-Austin, but I'm pretty sure that is out of reach even for a masters in science b/c of my law GPA.  Am I correct on this.  I also have great summer work experience through undergraduate school and very good recommendation letters..including one from a law professor who will say my GPA is not reflective of my actual knowledge of law (my professors were all very shocked at my GPA).  So basically, will it impact my chances for another graduate degree?