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Chances at FSU Env LLM

Chances at FSU Env LLM
« on: March 29, 2011, 05:37:10 PM »
I need a little advice on whether I should apply or move on and save my money. I am about to graduate from a T4 crapper in the middle of my.  I won't make excuses for my poor grades, but I do have plenty to offer when asked, especially because the reasons are related to the program I want to enter.  Also, I worked all through undergrad and grades were poor there too.

I have a strong interest in environmental law and FSU is one of the schools that I have an interest in.  Unfortunately, I know that my performance in law school is a major factor that law schools consider when accepting/debying applicants.  Also, US News just ranked FSU 5th in the country for env law LLMs and they are ranked 50th overall.

I would love feedback on whether I have a shot at FSU or not.