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finishing my law degree in a foreign country, what LLM is best for me?

hi, i'm a foreign law student, i dont know if the best for me is to do a JD or LLM...
My question: which LLM is better to egual the JD formation/level? LLM american law? or what?.
with a LLM i know i'm just allow to do CA,NY and DC BAR. the great think, LLM is 1 year, less money. i can go in a 10top law school. but a JD 2-3 years, more money. and i do not need LSAT. but can i with a LLM, get a JD? without pass the LSAT?. would I have a good CV if a do LLM american laws to egual JD level and after that do an LLM taxation or other specialty? please help!!!!