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Finding hypos

Finding hypos
« on: October 11, 2009, 05:01:37 AM »
Haldo, all,
    Needing a bit of help with a little problem I'm having.  3 of my 4 professors have no previous exams on file - 1 is entirely new as a law professor, 1 is only filling in for a professor who was unfortunately diagnosed with cancer in July and 1 merely guards past exams with a vengeance not unlike that of Smaug in The Hobbit.  Seriously, there was a huge scandal when, one year, a student finally found one of his past exams and used it...Anyway, obviously, I'm going to need to modify my studying a bit for these 3 classes - I was planning on building my own exams.  However, I've also found that if I write the hypos myself, I obviously know where I'm going with them, so they're not really that useful.  Does anyone have any suggestions for resources where I should be able to find hypos to work on? I specifically need Contracts, Property and Criminal Law.  Also, anybody have any tips on putting together these hypos to make semi-realistic practice exams? I'm interested in both books and online stuff....Thanks in advance for the help!

Re: Finding hypos
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Try I've used it for Contracts, and thought it was pretty helpful.

Hope all's well, Netopolis! Haven't talked to you since we traded personal statements long long ago!