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Best Marketcs ITE?

Best Marketcs ITE?
« on: June 28, 2009, 08:07:55 PM »
Short question:  What markets should someone with no connections and without an amazing resume target?

So, basically, what legal markets are doing the best ITE?  This can include midlaw firms since that's what I'm more likely to land.

Also, how much does having 0 connections to an area hurt you?  I would be happy to work in just about any medium+ size city that will hire me, but I only have connections to NC/Atlanta/DC.  Given that I'm not going to be super competitive, where else should I apply?  I'm looking to cast a wide net.
Since LA/NYC have so many firms, should I go ahead and throw a bunch of letters there and hope one bites?

One of my classmates said that she is not applying outside NYC because she doesn't want to need to tell employers that she is applying elsewhere (so that she can be like "omgomgomg NYC or bust i <3 NY."  Should I consider following in suit and only applying to 1 or 2 markets?