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Is Iowa a national or regional school?

Re: Is Iowa a national or regional school?
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Whether you like Iowa or not depends on style and choice. So everyone's perceptions of quality of life are "correct".

As far as whether Iowa is national, that's a tricky question that depends on definition. Some people define it by a school's applicant pool. Three other groups might be career placement related to 1) BigLaw firms, 2) clerkships, or 3) geographical placement, in combination with at least one of the former.

Still, a fifth group might say it's defined by "reputation", which gets muddied by the reputations of the universities and colleges overall, their research and scholarly writings, histories, and public perception, which make things more difficult to assess.

I think all five could be correct, but the debate begins and ends with how much weight to give to the five metrics.

A school like Cornell may look "national" when putting reputation first, followed by applicant pool, but how national is it when considering that most Cornell grads stay in the northeast?

The Cali-4 are also great examples of this dynamic b/c people don't generally want to leave Cali. Is that to say that Vanderbilt is more "national" than Stanford or Berkeley? According to geographic placement, it might be. But in terms of reputation, the story changes.

I had this conversation with some Tulane thread posters. Tulane and WUSTL which are somewhat like Iowa in that few people actually want to stay in those respective markets after graduation. The real question is: "What defines 'national'?"