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Transfer potential from Cal Western

Transfer potential from Cal Western
« on: March 18, 2009, 08:47:48 PM »

Hey guys. Newbie here, I appreciate the wealth of advice on this site. I'm seeking any advice or suggestions you can offer me. Im a 154, 3.2 poli-sci & business undergrad. I have been accepted to Cal Western (High Attrition, t4, I know) I love San Diego, and California as a whole, however I know my options graduating from Cal Western are concentrated regionally in San Diego.

My question is this; If i can maintain top 15-20% in my class @ Cal Western, what are the realistic possibilities of transferring to into any of these schools either a)full time (mainly what I'm interested in)  b) part-time :


I ask because I understand that with such a low GPA, and an less-than-stellar LSAT score, my chances of getting into ASU, or USD are slim (2 schools of which im waiting to hear back from). I believe(am encouraged by the advice given to me by 1l's @ UofO law school- home of my undergrad) that I can rise to the top of my 1l class at Cal Western. I have been an 3.8 student the last two years of my undergrad while working 20+ hours a week. I live in the professors office hours, and I have been absorbing E & E's for 6 months and have been sitting in on UofO law lectures....etc etc. sorry to bore you with the details, these are simply the reasons for which I believe I may be able to excel.

Thanks for the advice!  :)