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Undergrad: Dal(PolSci)/King's(English) .vs. Mount Allison(English or PolSci)?

I live in Nova Scotia, and I have no clue which school I should go to for my Undergrad degree which I eventually want to use to go into Law. My preferences: I love English. I love Halifax. With that being said, I also want to apply to a United States school. Does Mount Allison hold more credit over King's or Dal? Is Politcal Science worth taking over English?


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It doesn't matter what you do in undergrad, so long as you do it well.

trust me, they're not going to care about either the school or the degree (in canada we don't have the same variation in quality like here) if you do it well, like the previous poster said.

if anything, NOT taking english or poli sci gives the better advantage...