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A World Without Black People...

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Good post Dog. Most white people simply do not care about black excellence. Listen, black people were brought over here as chattel, and were intended to remain as chattel. The momentous contributions of black people were intended to be hidden from the history books, e.g., the tuskegee airmen were barred from participating in the parades that ensued after WWII. The definition of American states: originally applied to aboriginal inhabitants, but now applied to descendants of Europeans born in America, and especially to the citizens of the United States. So in the aggregate, if you're not white or the descendants of Europeans you're not really an American, in theory of course. LawDog, you deserve a commendation for this post.

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These types of postings are exactly why I go to TLS now.  Much more intelligent and enlightened folks.

The treatment here of LawDog3 is disgusting.  All he simply did was post a commentary of all the brilliant things African Americans have invented, implying how different the world would be without African Americans - and I applaud him for this.  Sometimes, some people need to be reminded of this.

Instead, no parroty est questions the claims made within the text.  Blatant racism.  BLATANT.  Do you deny that African Americans have contributed to our society?  Then what does the historical accuracy of the text really matter?  Are you trying to minimize African American achievements.  For shame, sir.  For shame.

And Mr.  IrX.  You as well.  Bringing potty mouth language into this discussion in hopes of intimidating another poster who is simply discussing the achievement of people of color to cower away.  LawDog3 is doing us a service, and personal insults should not be tolerated.  I am sure EarlCat will move swifty and harshly against you.

So, after reading this, Mr. Dog3, I will never take riding the elevator for granted.  Thank you Mr. Alexander Mills - I both have gained from your timely invention and I am also 25 lbs heavier because I refuse to take the stairs.  I guess that one's a mixed bag. LOLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm not sure if this was a flame. non parata est pointed out that some of the assertions made by the OP were incorrect. Your rebuttal was that non parata was racist for not agreeing with you. For shame, sir. For shame.

I don't even think he was saying my assertions were incorrect, he was offering some food for thought. There's no right or wrong here.

Again, the reason I posted this was for people to think on a more existential level about diversity and how we are really connected as human beings. For instance, on a humanistic level, I lament that slavery ever existed. But the spiritualist and pragmatist in me asks the bigger question: "'Why' did it happen?" And that is what I am getrting at. If all people get out of this is Lawdog3 is just tooting the horns of successful black folks, then we have all missed it.

What would an all-White law school look like? And if White and Asian students fully appreciate the contributions of Black students after their numbers have severely diminished?

We need to ask some real questions here, and then put them into the context of our current endeavor, which is going to law school, and what diversity will mean. I think we all understand that diversity is important, it's a cliche. But how do we define diversity? How do we define merit? And, what are the consequences of our actions? Is a race-blind admissions system even acheivable? Is it the correct system to use?

That's what this post is about. I think some people get it and some don't. For the record, I think everyone has contributed nicely to this post, even the naysayers. They've raised some great points.


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A very humorous and revealing story is told about a group of white
people who were fed up with African-Americans (all Blacks, really), so they joined together and
wished themselves away.

They passed through a deep, dark tunnel and emerged in sort of a
"Twilight Zone" where there is an America without black people.

At first these white people breathed a sigh of relief. At last, they said,
no more crime, drugs, violence and welfare. All of the blacks have gone!
Then suddenly, reality set in. The "NEW AMERICA" is not America at
all, only bare land.

1. There were very few flourishing crops because
the original nation had been built on a slave-supported system.

2. There were no cities with tall skyscrapers because Alexander Mills,
a black man, invented the elevator. And without it, they could not reach higher floors.

3. There were few, if any, cars because Richard Spikes, a Black man,
had invented the automatic gearshift; Joseph Gambol, also Black, invented
the "Super Charge System" for Internal Combustion Engine Technology, and Garrett
A. Morgan, another Black man, had invented the traffic signals still in use in the "old" America.

4. Furthermore, one could not use the rapid
led lighting system because
its procurer was the electric trolley, which was invented by another
Black man, Albert R. Robinson.

5. Even if there were streets on which cars and a rapid transit
system could operate, they were cluttered with paper because an African
American, Charles Brooks, invented the street sweeper.

6. There were few, if any, newspapers, magazines and books because
John Love invented the pencil sharpener, William Purveys invented
the fountain pen, and Lee Barrage invented the Type Writing Machine.
W. A. Love invented the Advanced Printing Press. They were all,
you guessed it, Black.

7. Even if Americans could write their letters, articles and books, they
would not have been transported by mail because William Barry invented
the Postmarking and Canceling Machine, William Purveys invented the
Hand Stamp (when he was inventing the fountain pen) and Philip Downing invented the Letter Drop.

8. The lawns were brown and wilted because Joseph Smith had invented the
Lawn Sprinkler and John Burr, the Lawn Mower.

9. When they entered their homes, they found them to be poorly
ventilated and poorly heated. You see, Frederick Jones invented the
Air Conditioner and Alice Parker the Heating Furnace. Their homes
were also dim. But, of course, this was to be expected, as Lewis Lattimer invented the Electric
Lamp, Michael Harvey invented the lantern and Granville T. Woods invented
the Automatic Cut off Switch. Their homes were also filthy because Thomas W. Steward invented the Mop and Lloyd P. Ray invented the Dust Pan.

10. Their children met them at the door-barefooted, shabby, motley
and unkept. But what could one expect? Jan E. Matzelinger invented the
Shoe Lasting Machine, Walter Sammons invented the Comb, Sarah Boone
invented the Ironing Board and George T. Samon invented the Clothes

11. Finally, they were resigned to at least have dinner amidst all of
this turmoil. But here again, the food had spoiled because another
Black Man, John Standard invented the refrigerator.

Now, isn't that something? What would this country be like without
the contributions of Blacks, as African-Americans? Martin Luther King, Jr.
said, "by the time we leave for work, Americans have depended on the
inventions from the minds of Blacks."

Does all of this go to say that whites have not invented anything great? Preposterous! blacks understand this. But do whites know of, understand and value OUR many contributions to history and human progress?

I am not sure why we give so much important to black and white. They are just colors nothing else

Re: A World Without Black People...
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Thanks for sharing info.

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Haha, I'm not sure if this was ever remarked on, so if it wasn't I would like to address a crucial flaw in the post: if there were never any Black people, there would be no people. Don't anthropologists believe that our first ancestor evolved in Kenya? The global Black community has made great contributions given the structural disadvantages forced on them in the past few centuries, but let's not forget that social distinctions by race are scientifically illogical.

Also, it's a little illogical to assume that non-Blacks could have never conceived of inventions made by Black people. I'm certain that society would have progressed similarly if there had never been Whites at all (or if they were marginalized in the way that those of African-decent are today).

Thanks for the information, though. Black history and African-American culture isn't given enough academic representation in schools nowadays. Well, was it ever?

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1. Alexander Miles was an African-American inventor who was best known for being awarded a patent for an automatically opening and closing elevator door design in 1887.

2.Spikes was not the original inventor of this pivotal device, as Percy Douglas-Hamilton was awarded U.S. Patent 912,831 in 1906

3.The world's first functional, actually tested[2] engine supercharger was made by Dugald Clerk, who used it for the first[3] two-stroke engine in 1878

4.On 9 December 1868,[6] the first non-electric, gas lit, traffic lights were installed outside the British Houses of Parliament in London

5.The trolleybus dates back to 29 April 1882, when Dr. Ernst Werner von Siemens ran his "Elektromote" in a Berlin suburb.

6.The very first street sweeping machine was patented in 1849 by its inventor, C.S. Bishop

7.French mathematician Bernard Lassimonne applied for the first patent (French patent #2444) on pencil sharpeners in 1828, but it was not until 1847 that the pencil sharpener in its recognisable modern form was invented by fellow Frenchman Thierry des Estivaux.[3] The first American pencil sharpener was patented by Walter K. Foster of Bangor, Maine in 1855.[4] Electric pencil sharpeners for offices have been made since at least 1917.

8.That some form of pen with an ink reservoir was available in Europe in the 17th century is shown by contemporary references. In Deliciae Physico-Mathematicae (a 1636 magazine), German inventor Daniel Schwenter described a pen made from two quills. One quill served as a reservoir for ink inside the other quill. The ink was sealed inside the quill with cork. Ink was squeezed through a small hole to the writing point. In 1663 Samuel Pepys referred to a metal pen "to carry ink".[2] Noted Maryland historian Hester Dorsey Richardson (18621933) documented a reference to "three silver fountain pens, worth 15 shillings" in England during the reign of Charles II, c. 16491685.[3] By the early 18th century such pens were already commonly known as "fountain pens".[4] Hester Dorsey Richardson also found a 1734 notation made by Robert Morris the elder in the ledger of the expenses of Robert Morris the younger, who was at the time in Philadelphia, for "one fountain pen".

9.In 1575 an Italian printmaker, Francesco Rampazzetto, invented the 'scrittura tattile', a machine to impress letters in papers

10.In the United States, the first successful postmarking machine was developed by Thomas Leavitt in the 1870s

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Inventors you say....................

what, one is wearing black..............and he's a "people"............