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White Attendance @ HBCU's (motives)

Re: White Attendance @ HBCU's (motives)
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"I visited North Carolina Central Law last week. It's a tier-four HBC in Durham, NC. (I live in the area, and am applying to other schools in the area.) I am looking at NCCU primarily for minority status." -Taft52

  I am soo tired of white people's neurotic necessity to apply to HBCU's in some ignoramus attempt at "minority status." The reason it is characterized as an Historically Black College or University is because not too long ago in America, black people were barred from obtaining a legal profession due to the majority communities xenophobic,racist, supremist mentality. Subsequently, blacks had no choice but to open HBCU's fueled by dogged strength, by the desire to be educated, despite the racist status-quo. There are many qualified black people who could be there attaining a quality legal education in lieu of individuals like yourself who are looking at NCCU primarily for minority status. I guess it's another illustration of blacksploitation, only this time you don't want diamonds, natural resourced or slave labor.;col1

I'm not sure if any even care to integrate their brain with the Ada Lois Sipuel case (I'm sure some of you would rather just turn the blind eye and deaf ear, pretend to yourself that facts such as these are not, and have never been important). Her case is one of the principle reasons why HBCU's were created. Also, she wasn't trying to attend OU School of Law in an attempt at "minority status" but rather to gain a quality legal education. See the difference? And please believe, the chair that was marked "colored" separated from the white students in the class, was separated with barbed wire.

"The daily life of the Negro is still lived in the basement of the Great Society. He is still at the bottom despite the few who have penetrated to slightly higher levels. Even where the door has been forced partially open, mobility for the Negro is still sharply restricted. There is often no bottom at which to start, and when there is, there almost always no room at the top."-Dr.Martin Luther King,Jr.

But we as blacks and people of color would be appalled if a white law school lamented a significant rise in Black students and proclaimed that something had to be done about it. It may be difficult to accept, but we must live as we ask others to live. HBCU's can serve their mission if we improve the conditions of our homes and schools. Black students must come prepared to compete...and if we are able to compete, we will be rewarded.

HBCU's will continue to serve the Black community. That more white students are being exposed to Black culture and Black students, thus, a richer diversity of experiences, is a GOOD thing. We should welcome them into our schools and not be we have long been asking them to do for us. If we are going to progress into a more pluralistic society, we must continue to use our voices, strive for excellence, and lead by example.

LOL! Did I just write that idealistic psycho-babble?  :D :-[ :P ;D

Re: White Attendance @ HBCU's (motives)
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I am white and I want to go to Howard, but I have real reasons:
1) I'm from Northern VA so I can avoid room and board costs by staying at home.
2) I love DC and there is no better place in the country to make connections as far as I'm concerned.
3) I'm likin' the average $130K+ starting salary for a graduate.
4) I've been around black people all of my life and I get along well with them AND
5) I love go-go, what y'all know about that?
I don't want minority status, I think that affirmative action is inherently racist. I'm more worried about not getting in BECAUSE of the fact that I'm white. So please don't assume that white people who want to go to HU "exploit" blacks.


Re: White Attendance @ HBCU's (motives)
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Since you're so gung-ho black people, I assume you, by your own volition, decided to attend Hampton University, since it's in VA (according to your 5-point manifesto concerning why you're a black person born in a white person's body).

Re: White Attendance @ HBCU's (motives)
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I think a geography lesson may be in order. Look at a map and try to figure out how I could live in Northern VA and commute to Hampton smartass. And getting along with black people is a far cry from from being "a black person born in a white person's body."

Re: White Attendance @ HBCU's (motives)
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Opps!! Byron..I beg your pardon...I seemed to have reasoned the same level of zeal that's motivating you to attend Howard (in spite of the umpteen law schools in D.C.) would be the same catalyst for your attending Hampton; considering you're an honorary black person, and "you love go-go" wtf that is.

I don't want minority status, I think that affirmative action is inherently racist.

Wow..affirmative action is inherently racist? Considering the dearth of black lawyers in America, you sound nonsensical. Affirmative action opens up doors for qualified minorities that would be otherwise closed. You're simply harboring an erronneous fear that affirmative action will somehow destroy opportunities for whites. What's inherently racist is the systematic discrimination by large coorperations, affirmative action is in place to help the minorities the inherent racists victimized, you simply don't want to extend the same ladders of opportunity to minorities that whites benifit from. Furthermore, I'm certain you wouldn't get along with black people for to much longer if you openly expressed that sentiment. Matter of fact, I revoke your so-called honorary black card, you can't even pretend to be black anymore. Clown.

Re: White Attendance @ HBCU's (motives)
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'Byron' probably likes hip hop and has dated a couple of black girls so clearly, he knows what we're about. I mean, the poor little white guy - they might not even let him into Howard!


Re: White Attendance @ HBCU's (motives)
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Nice racist thread.  Obviously racism is still alive and well on both sides.

Re: White Attendance @ HBCU's (motives)
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AgreetoDisagree, you may not like opposition to affirmative action, but viewing it as inherently racist is hardly nonsensical. There's a much more nuanced argument there that you didn't acknowledge; it's easier to build up a straw man, though, I'm sure. It's certainly open to debate but there is a reasonable argument that 1) affirmative action draws distinctions based on race, with a lower standard in favor of URMs; thus someone who would ordinarily be admitted is now denied because of their race and someone who would not ordinarily be admitted is now admitted because of their race, 2) that the lower expectations of African Americans actually fuels internalizations of inferiority and the achievement gap.  There is a very strong argument that AA is detrimental to race relations, the perception of the quality of URM grads, and can harm achievement of URMs by bringing AA students in who would be top students elsewhere to start, yet again, at the bottom of the barrel and have to work twice as hard to get ahead. You can surely disagree with these arguments, but you should probably at least give them a fair shake (and actually respond to them) before dismissing them as nonsensical. I can watch a superficial debate in a 90-second TV news segment; hopefully, we're a bit above that here. Anyway, not exactly an AA thread, but AgreetoDisagree doesn't exactly contribute enlightenment wherever he goes.

LawDog3, your comments were excellent on this thread. It's historically black; the number of white people matriculating won't take away the importance of that unique history and organizing mission. But HBCUs, particularly publicly-funded ones, must serve all the people of the state. A welcoming environment will improve the overall quality of the students, the public funding, and (I'd suggest) the education. One of the major arguments for affirmative action by schools like Michigan is the value of diversity of ethnicities and experiences; I'm not sure how that suddenly doesn't apply when we're talking about HBCUs. 

Re: White Attendance @ HBCU's (motives)
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DrugsUpYourNose!- I think I'll let some time elapse before I respond to your comment; I'm afraid you'll transform into a coward once again and delete your statement. Incidentally, what are you doing on this thread again? I thought I told you to find a front lawn to burn a cross on.

You say LawDog3's comments were excellent, well, I'm sure you think Clarence Thomas and Micheal Steele are excellent as well.

Re: White Attendance @ HBCU's (motives)
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Ah, yes, you did go tell me to burn a cross on a lawn. I'm sure that will win everyone over to your side immediately; heaven forbid that you use the power of logic, facts, or anything other than personal attacks.

I delete all of my posts after a reasonable time has passed.  Or if I'm arguing with an idiot.

And I'm sure you were the guy throwing Oreo cookies at a successful black man who respectfully disagrees with you by having an R next to his name. Yeah, I actually have no problem with Clarence Thomas, Michael Steele, Obama, Harold Ford, Jr. Just as its possible for white people to intelligently disagree, I don't imagine that it's somehow unpossible! that two intelligent black people could disagree.