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Getting a green card in the U.S.

Getting a green card in the U.S.
« on: November 06, 2008, 01:08:27 PM »
I'm a Canadian citizen, im considering going to a U.S law school and applying for U.S citizenship after I graduate. However I keep hearing stories about what a nightmare it is trying to get a green card. How firms aren't going to sponsor you, how your labour certification is going to be denied, how there is a decade long waiting list for H1-B visas and green cards.

If i'm going to be forced to return to canada after 5 or 6 years then I just dont see how its worth it paying double or three times the tuition for a degree that's not even good in Canada.

I'd very much like to become a U.S. citizen, if anyone has gone through this process I'd very much like to hear whether or not it can be done.

Re: Getting a green card in the U.S.
« Reply #1 on: March 30, 2009, 01:43:28 PM »
i'm in the same boat as you, fray. my dad is an US immigration lawyer (ironic, isn't it? he went to law school not too long ago and is working on our citizenship), and while what you say is true in general, i think there are exceptions for Canadians, who are already treated like Americans in many ways. it also depends on what you'd like to do with your degree. there's a lot you can do with your J.D. in the US that doesn't require citizenship, and TN (two-year renewable work visas given at the border to Canadians) visas are really easy to obtain. 

i have not gone through the naturalization process, however, so i can't share any insights on that. my understanding is that it takes many many years.  :( may INS be on our side!