Law School Discussion

Question about what graduate/courses to take to help my chances into law school?

Alright, so I am a Bio major with a not so great GPA.  But I know that I am not as bad of a student, as my GPA may show. I found out that I had a learning disability about 4th year into college.  The semester after that I had deans list.  I am currently finishing my degree and because of financial set backs I am working full time, as a chemical analyst in the environmental  field, and finishing my degree part time.  Alright so my question is what courses at the graduate level that would show that I have ability to perform academically.  Or rather help my chances getting to the Biotech law field.  Thanks!   

Law schools dont care about your grades in grad school because they dont have to report them to usnews, so save your time and money.  For the most part, law school admittance is a pure numbers game.  many will look a little lower down the GPA scale if you have a harder major but do not count on miracles. 

The only grad school thing that would help you is possibly an advanced degree, but it would have to be a PhD probably or a degree from a good school, neither of which are probably worth the money/time.

Just do well on the lsat and go to the best school you can get into.  Also mention the learning disability/discovery of it in your personal statement or an addendum or something so they are aware of the problem/your potential.

Thank you all!!!