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So how did we do?

Re: So how did we do?
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I would like to take a moment and thank all of the recent contributors for making this the most surreal thread-reading experience I may ever have had.


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Re: So how did we do?
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what do you mean I am in for a surprise? I was just asking if anyone remembered some of the questions that were challenging because I could not remember. That does not mean they dont exist, it just means I do not recall them.

Ignore anything cliff says because it is never meant to be helpful.  If it seems helpful you are not reading it with enough sarcasm.
Bolded claim is factually false.

I'll throw down more evidence right here:

TO nnebaby:
You posted I cant remember any that were actually hard or made me really think

The LSAT is a very difficult test, one of the hardest standardized ones out there, especially given the extreme time pressure.  Check out the percentile ranking chart if you don't believe me.  If you did not think anything you had to answer was hard and as you say none of them really made you think you likely fell for a lot of the glossy sounding sucker choices.  Make a new thread asking everyone that has scored in the 90th% or above whether or not it was a painful experience under which they had to think and struggle a LOT to achieve a good score.  Also ask them whether they felt like crap and wiped out after taking it.  Maybe make a poll with those options and whatever other ones you can think of.

See, Cliffy is helpful   :)

Nice post. I take back the moron and not helpful comments (but only as they pertain to this thread). The a$$hole comment still stands because you accused me of not being able to read then admitted your initial post was incomplete ;D.