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Anyone from the Midwest planning on attending the MINK law forum next Thursday in Overland Park, KS?  I will probably be attending, but I'm less than enthused at the lack of information about this forum.  Anyone have any ideas on a list of schools that will be attending?  I called the University of Missouri and they said that as soon as I registered for the event I would receive a list of the attending schools.  I registered and received no such list.  Has anyone else had better luck?  Has anyone else attended this in the past?  ...Is anyone still reading this?
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I'll probably be there. An email I got said that one of the prizes was app fee waivor for all 10 MINK law schools. Not sure which those would be exactly, but I'm guessing:

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I guess I'm lucky that it's in KC this year. Didn't realize the event rotated between states.