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Just got off Vandy's waitlist

Re: Just got off Vandy's waitlist
« Reply #10 on: July 23, 2008, 07:39:41 AM »
Hey, I'll be at W&L in the fall. Vanderbilt is no doubt the better school. Placement wise, it is much stronger. The top 1/3 of either school will have the same job prospects, but biglaw firms go deeper at Vanderbilt.

Cost of Living is extremely high at Vandy, so you'll be 90K more in debt with Vandy. If you don't mind working in DC or Charlotte, I would definitely go to W&L, it places extremely well in these places. It also places pretty decent in NYC.

The numbers for W&L private practice seems quite low. One reason, you probably know, is self selection. W&L is notorious for having students who would rather a take a comfortable job in Charlotte for 100K as opposed to being payed 160K in NYC. Also, W&L has 19% clerkship, and these students are usually pretty high in class rank, and could have received 145K somewhere.

If I were you, I would choose W&L for the southeast with the limited debt, but if you want to go to Chicago, or the Midwest, the 90K at Vandy would be worth it.

Charlotte pays between 130 and 160.