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This was sent to me today from UPenn.  It seems as if they are taking the 'contract' of putting down a seat deposit seriously.  In other words, the contract implies that you will not be going to another school, so how then could a person put a deposit on multiple schools?  Well, you shouldn't, and this year they're not having it!!!

Please read the following *important* information from the LSAC ( about the possible risks of holding a seat deposit at more than one law school beginning next week.  As you will see, if you are currently deposited at multiple law schools, we strongly recommend that you withdraw your deposit(s) from all but the one law school you will/will most likely attend before their June 15 notification deadline.


Multiple Deposit Notification


Each year, law schools that participate in LSACís commitment overlap reporting service provide LSAC with information about applicants who have been accepted and have paid a deposit or provided a verbal or written agreement to attend their schools. Each spring, participating law schools receive periodic reports detailing the number of their committed applicants who have submitted seat deposits or commitments at

other participating schools, as well as the identification of those other schools.


Starting on June 15, 2008, those reports will also include the names and LSAC account numbers for all candidates who have deposits/commitments at multiple participating schools.