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Anyone ever refer to their old Gilberts/Emanual's during bar prep?


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I'm debating whether to unload my Gilberts/Emanual's and E&E's. Will I wish I had them to refer to when I review these first year topics for the bar? Has anyone here used them to clarify some forgotten BLL when doing bar prep? (I'll be taking the CA bar in a few years).

Re the E&E's: are they just too elementary or compartmentalized to ever go back to once you've made it through the course?



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Unload them.

First, you can probably use the money more now.

Second, BarBri gives you EVERYTHING you need to study.

Third, what you need to know for the bar in some ways seems to emphasize different things, and the level of detail is likely to be far more than you need in your 1L supplements. (based on 2 days of BarBri contracts review, so take that FWIW).

I took the bar 20 years ago and passed without a bar review course. I'm taking it again in four weeks, and my main study guides are the Emanuel study guides.

I did buy the BarBRI stuff off Ebay and also the PMBR cds which I listen to, but I really like the Emanuel guides.

I am not using any Gilbert's or Emanuel's, but I have referred to my E&E several times for two topics -- Evidence and Secured Transactions.  I have used them to review certain topics that are emphasized in my bar review materials that I don't understand well. I also have the "Law in a Flash" flashcards for those same two topics (meant to sell them, but never got around to it) and also have been using them occasionally for quick reviews of troublesome topics.

That said, I agree with Jacy85 that the emphasis of your state's bar exam is probably going to be very different than your law school courses were, so your supplements may be near useless in bar studying.  I haven't referred to any of my supplements in any other topic except the two I mentioned, for instance.  But in those two topics at least, they seem to be somewhat helpful.