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also, don't think you are going to get a job that just involves helping companies comply. Being a corporate lawyer in a field like this is a double edged sword. You tell clients not to break the law, and then you try to cover for them when they do.

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Paradoxically, one of the best ways to avoid representing real pieces of *&^% while working at a firm is tpo go to one of the most profitable ones possible: they typically have enough economic security that they find it worthwhile to turn down clients that they worry will give them bad press. I know of one firm that specifically has a no oil, no cigarettes policy. Nobody seems to care about the alcohol companies, though. Professional bias?

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That is true, although you will still reduce your likelihood of getting into those situations. Also, regarding the asbestos thing, I would personally not have trouble representing an asbestos manufacturer since the one thing you are not doing is trying to not pay any money. Your job is to settle.


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I think a big part of your admissions chances will be standing out with a major so common among law applicants.  What makes you different from every other non-ivy econ/history major with a respectable but not outstanding GPA?

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I have a friend who's a PA at Kirkland, and he said that the job wasn't hard to obtain.  Then again, he graduated summa from Harvard, with a double PhD. in Econ and Physics from MIT.

That's a *&^%-ton of education for not all that much job...

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I definitely am trying to think about what I have to offer that is above and beyond.  Econ/History are both pretty standard majors, but here would be the most unique factors to my profile:

Semi-pro Mountain Biker: Have raced for about 5 years now, I think Mountain Biking is a sport that is really a mental and physical challenge.  Hopefully, this helps with standing out.

About a year of interning with Kirkland & Ellis: Arguably one of the top 10 firms in the nation, and had a very selective application process.  I am not sure if intern work will help that much, as it seems when it comes down to work experience, they are really looking for a few years of substantial post-graduate work.   

Not following why the majors would ever be unique.  The mountain bike racing on the other hand sounds somewhat unique.  It won't help you much if you lack the numbers, but if you are borderline it may give a little real life personality to your resume which can't hurt.  The year of interning at Kirkland & Ellis won't help or hurt a lot other than showing that you have knowledge about what lawyers do and you are still interested in becoming one.  I don't think getting hired by Kirkland & Ellis helps much cause no matter what their selection process because the school is going off of your gpa and LSAT and they already have those.  But gain it shows you know what lawyers do and are still interested in becoming one, which gives you a slight benefit.

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I doubt that Kirkland is paying anybody to go to law school. They don't have much trouble hiring whoever they want.

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I have a question about UMICH.  I applied there as an undergrad and was waitlisted.  Would law schools take this into account in any way, shape, or form when evaluating my law school app(in a negative or positive light)?  Thanks.

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I would be shocked if they had any way of knowing, and even if they did, I can about 100% guarantee it wouldn't matter. Undergrad admissions and law school admissions are so completely different...

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Alright Thanks