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ABA approved LLM degree online?


ABA approved LLM degree online?
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They claim to be the first(and only) ABA approved LLM degree online. Think it's true. I know that other places claim to have unapproved LLM degrees, but this looks kind of legitt. I know that the ABA wouldn't approved an online JD degree since that is used to get licensed, but if already licensed, then what harm would approving an online LLM do since both it and the doctors degree above it are post JD degrees anyways? Plus I think the ABA now lets ABA law schools do a few classes online just not the whole degree for the JD also as long as its at an ABA approved campus.


more specific link
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for llm and jsm degrees


Re: ABA approved LLM degree online?
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I know that if you do the first year at an ABA approved or state accredited college you are exempt from the mini-bar in CA and some other states let you jump right into interships at that point. Do you think that the ABA will ever extend the few online classes allowed to a full final degree after first year on campus? I doubt they ever would for the full degree, but in theory if a student earned a 4.0 on campus the first year it's a possibility for the future I suppose. Normally I wouldn't think it truely possible but since the state supreme court has concord grads then I suppose its not too much of a stretch for anything else either.

Iíve taken one online class in law school and will be taking another this summer. I really enjoyed the last one. It nice to be able to take summer classes without having to be physically present, so you can do them if your interning in another state.

 I think a few online classes are fine in law school with two caveats: you need to be a self starter, if you only read for class because you have it in person class the next day, online classes are not likely for you. Second, you need to be the type of learner who does not need the professors direct input to understand the concepts. Iím not an auditory learner to start with, I get everything I need from the book or outside research if I have questions, so I donít need the professor to explain concepts to me in class to get it. If you the type of learner who prefers the professor explain what you read in class, online classes might not be your best bet.

Generally I donít see any reason why many LLM programs could not be taught online. They are seminar classes primarily. Or at least a combination of online classes and in person classes. I think in the next couple of years we will see more and more online class offerings in law schools. I donít think you could get the same kind of experience all online, the first year doctrinal courses need to be in person in my view, but after that I think a lot of elective classes could be taught as an online or in person option without it affecting learning (for the types of people I described above). Like Fed courts that could totally be taught online or Crim Pro.  But there are other classes like Trial Practice and Voir Dire that are practical classes, so those should have to be in person.

ABA Online Programs in online law schools book
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Americas Legal Bookstore has a new book on their front Page, it details all the Non ABA Law schools etc, but there is a chapter completely on ABA Online Programs. Its not just THomas Jefferson anyomore.  If you are looking at some ABA credits, or wanting an ABA degree to go along with your resume, schools like U of Alabama, Stetson, Loyola Chicago, Nova Southeastern, Cooley, and many more ABA Schools have completely online LLM programs.  Also, many of them have some bar eligible courses.  Thomas Jefferson used to be at St Thomas in Miami and was the only aba school before with an online program.  I bought a copy and was truly surprised to see all these new programs now available. 

Re: ABA approved LLM degree online?
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Washington University in St. Louis School of Law offers an LL.M in U.S. Law online. This is the only online LL.M. in U.S. Law offered by a renowned American law school. Here is a link to the website:

Itís a great program for graduates of law schools outside of the U.S. who are interested in increasing their knowledge of U.S. law to more effectively practice in a global legal environment.

Re: ABA approved LLM degree online?
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Not to get too wonky, but the ABA doesn't actually accredit LL.M programs. They only accredit the first degree in law, the J.D. Therefore, if a state requires an ABA accredited law degree for bar admission, an LL.M from an ABA accredited school will not suffice.

Re: ABA approved LLM degree online?
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An online LLM could be utlilized by foreign attorneys seeking to qualify for the California and New York bars. Whether it is of use to anyone else to qualify for the bar is really questionnable in my opinion.