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30 yr old, debating btwn UVA, Duke, and UT...need to reply to these places soon

You might be amazed to find that there are others who are just within your age group with the same career ambition, so go for it. Which ever you choose will be right. the diet solution

I don't see how any of those three is a bad move.

I would think about where you want to live.  All three are top national law schools, but all three are going to have a lot of local opportunities, too.  Maybe the top of the class will have offers that relocate them to NYC, boston, DC, LA, SF, but the rest of the class will likely be competing in the local market for jobs.

You sound like a really smart person, but you never know.  Compared to the average student at those schools, you might just be average.  A whole lot of somebodies with monster LSATs and undergrad GPAs are going to be in the bottom 30%.  Not saying that will be you, but it might be. 

If it is, you will probably have to look for jobs, regionally, unless you have some sort of special connections somewhere.  In that case, you want to go where you wouldn't mind living afterwards.