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Construction Law Salary???

Re: Construction Law Salary???
« Reply #10 on: November 26, 2007, 06:13:01 PM »
If you want to work in construction law so bad, why not go in house with John Deer?

sorry, i dont follow you. why would i want to work at john deer?

Because they specialize in Construction Equipment, and you want to work in Construction Law.


Re: Construction Law Salary???
« Reply #11 on: November 26, 2007, 06:35:29 PM »
and girls think tractors are sexy according to cmt.  something to consider...


Re: Construction Law Salary???
« Reply #12 on: March 27, 2008, 01:01:48 AM »
Wow, you've become so well informed and authoritative.  Just a week and a half ago, you wrote that you "would like to pursue construction / engineering / contract law," but were unable to find "any information on typical salaries for construction law." 

"Contract law"?!  Unable to find information on salaries?  And now you're an authority on the (hard) IP market?  Jee whiz, what a waste it would be if you opted for "construction law"!

I must confess, I think my firm only has around 100 IP lawyers, including both hard and soft.  So perhaps I'm a bit ignorant.  Could you please enlighten us as to what it is that makes electrical engineering-related work the "majority" of the IP market?  Some examples of clients, or at least client types, along with some products, might help to clear up the extremely widespread (and, according to you, incorrect) belief that bio-tech, chemical, and software work account for the vast majority of the (hard) IP market. 

I know that this thread is older than dirt, but I had to respond to this... First of all, you got pwned.

Anyone who is anyone knows that Electrical Engineering majors only need a BS to be competitive.  Have you ever taken an EE course?  That's what I thought...

I read your post, and when I got to the part where you said that Electrical Engineers wouldnt place well in Patent law except for a small niche which you were unaware of... I had to erase my memory of everything that you had said up to that point.  You obviously are talking out your bung hole. 

There are really only 3 areas of patents.  Electrical, Mechanical, and Bio/Pharma.
If you are an Electrical then you can be a Mechanical. But not visa versa. 

With that said, I do think that the vast majority of new discoveries will be in the Bio/Pharma realm.  But even the human body is made up of millions of electrical impulses.  Light is the foundation of the universe.  "Let there be light" Light is mass, photons, so really it was "let there be mass"

So it follows, that all light is mass, but not all mass is light.  All electrical engineers (light) are mechanical engineers (Mass) but not all mechanical engineers are electrical engineers.

You see, optics, light, lasers, these are all electrical engineering fields.  Not Bio and Not Mechanical. 

Have you ever heard of Nano technology?  Have you ever thought about maybe one day straight drugs will be merged with nano machines which target a specific organ or certain types of cells?  Maybe even tiny electronic chips injected into the blood stream that transmit back information about your health?

The life is in the blood.  That is what we are told.   :)