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Law school but how?

Law school but how?
« on: August 18, 2007, 06:56:29 PM »
I recently completed my MBA through a Calif. State. U and was able to earn a 4.0GPA.  As a working professional this was quite a task.  I am currently employed as President and COO of a medium sized A/R management company for close to 8 years now.  Much of what we do nowadays is centered around legal actions, so getting a law degree makes since. 

I am 38, married with three kids under 10.  There is no way I could pack it up and move, quit my job, and attend an ABA school, so DL is really my only option, and frankly once I pass the bar I really don't think it will matter.  We do have a BM law school somewhat closeby (San Joaquin School of Law-Fresno) which is still not ABA accredited I beleive, however their classes are M-Th 6-10:30.  Say goodbye to the family!! 

With all this, which DL programs should I investigate?

On a side note...I have read over this website and would like to make a comment.  If you are currently attending an ABA school, congrats, you should be proud!  If you are currently attending a DL school, congrats, you should be proud!  Both of you have made a decision to better yourself and your mind and become an attorney.  When both of you pass the bar and stand up in court someday, I am sure there will not be too many judges or opposing counsels that will point where out you went to school in court.  :)  Everyone has different circumstances, and I would think that most DL students take this route as they have no other option...not because it is the easy way out. 

I could see the arguement of a BS or MBA via DL, as the school dictates the curriculum and test standards (i.e. diploma mill), however we are talking about State created and administered Bar exams.  If you pass it, who cares where you I right here?




Re: Law school but how?
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To be honest with you, I am not sure doing a DL program would be worth the money. If you have extra money to throw out the window, then go for it (if that is truly your only option). You will not have much interaction via DL, and spending 15k/year is just not worth what you can teach yourself for nearly no cost.

If you are hell bent on being able to stand in court, please take a look at bar passage rates from DL schools. Take a look at passage rates for CA accredited programs. You will notice they are all very very very low. I honestly think it would be a waste of your time to go through this, unless you are required by your job.

Obviously, these are just my 2 cents. If you are able to do the DL thing and pass the bar, you are a much smarter person than me. There is no way in heck I would be able to accomplish that feat.

Re: Law school but how?
« Reply #2 on: January 14, 2008, 01:11:07 AM »
dl schools take everyone so no congrats for those who take them.  But vast majority will never pass bar and NONE are ABA accredited.  DL students say ABA is biased or other crap yet there schools try to get accredited.