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"Right To Bear Arms"

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Frances Shand Kydd
"In the end, strange as it may seem, Diana's funeral was probably the proudest day of my life as a mother."

Damn, that's harsh. Especially considering that would make her the mother of a whore and the princes of England sons of a whore.  Ouch

Well, I guess when she said it, she was aware of that, 008, and yet she went for it.

Re: "Right To Bear Arms"
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Excuse my level of detail now, but are you aware of the straight/married men's paranoia? The kind of unhealthy paranoia that white-collar "straight" guys entertain, because of the way the society they're part of, expects them to be and behave?! These "straight" men will NEVER, EVER have a photo online. They talk for hours online, needing to be convinced, only to NEVER show up to meet anyone in person. They will play e-mail games wherein they'll send 15 messages back and forth and mysteriously STOP responding the moment they're asked to put up or shut up (they choose "shut up"). "Straight" men make a big deal out of telling you about their wives and girlfriends and how they are able to "get away" with it, which is what they actually do not.

You've got to love how these "straight" men orgasm in less than 60 seconds, the minute they LOOK at a penis in real life. That sure is HOT! You've got to love how straight men tell you they have "no experience" and have only "sucked one cock." You've to actually look at these men, who are not sure who or what they are, and who are lacking in any sort of self-confidence whatsoever, pretending to be one thing and actually being something else.


mauchly, it's not that simple - many straight men do not have the right information about their body (and its needs) - you would be surprised to learn what kinds of fears they entertain with regard to the sexual contact with other men!

I work as a nurse for a community hospital that also caters to the gay community - we get all too often gay men in the closet, from miles and miles away, who ask us for condoms and other stuff related specifically to gay sex - in the process we are shocked to find out how naive they are, as well as what tight attitudes they have in relation to the whole thing!