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« Reply #10 on: April 24, 2007, 07:49:41 PM »
I cuurently work for the US Department of Justice and planned on staying with them and becoming a lawyer..entry level states school doesn't have to be ABA if you are able to sit for the bar in ANY jurisdiction.  I would have to pass the bar in CA but don't know how competitive I would be..   

If you are in California, then you are in luck, if you can pass the Baby Bar, you'll be well on your way.  If you work at the DOJ, one of your best resources would be.... human resources!  Ask an HR guy how he feels about non-accredited schools.  I'm in a similar boat as you, in that I am a paralegal, so I have the legal experience, just not the Bar Card.

Ultimately, I chose to go to a traditional school with ABA accreditation.  The low passage rates of the DL schools scared me off.  On the otherhand, I received my BA from an online program at UMass, so I'm not one of those anti-online zealots.  But I think that since you already know where you want to end up, you should ask them directly about their feelings on it.

As for your LL.M question, you should ask St. Thomas University directly. 

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I have a friend who went to WHT and passed the CA Bar on the first try.  He's very intelligent and obviously he received sufficient legal education from this school to enable him to succeed.

Don't listen to these idiots who lean on bar passage rates.  Passing the bar is aboiut the individual not the school.  Get that JD any way that suits your circumstances.

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For those of you who are curious about DL and Foreign Law degrees please do your own research and post your results.  Initially I researched and decided to enroll in William H. Taft school of Law.  I was assured that if I attended the Attorney Track Program I would be able to sit for the bar in California which would make me eligible to practice in other states. 

I currently reside in OHIO, and I anticipate moving to North Carolina within the Next 4 years.  Part of reason for considering the DL program is my need to be home with my family and the inability for me to quit my job and go to law school full time.  For the record, I currently have a Master's Degree in which I obtained from Tiffin University (for those of you who think I'm taking the easy way out).

To sum it all up I called the North Carolina Bar examiners who advised me that even if I take and pass the Bar in California, I can not sit for the Bar in North Carolina because Taft is not ABA approved.  I would be expected to obtain an aba approved JD Degree.

Upon further research I learned that you can Attend a Foreign accredited Law School (LLB) and (in most states) obtain a LLM and/or take 20 to 24 additional credit hours at a ABA APPROVED SCHOOL and that will qualify you to sit for their bar.  See for yourself..

Furthermore google the University of London LLB Program and let me know what you think...  Better yet her is the link