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Hi. This is so odd that I just happened across this topic becuase I have been considering going back to school and have been trying to look around for accreditation on them (Novus) and I went on the ABA site and it does not seem to be there anywhere on their list of schools. Are there any accredited online JD programs anyone? I have been ill so online is key for me right now. Thanks. ;)

not that I know of, you would be so much better, either way, to wait to you feel better then go to a real law school. People at tier four law schools struggle to find jobs and online schools hve a much lower reputation so job prospects are even bleaker.  Plus, coming from someone in law school, you dont even want to approach it if you are sick.  Its too draining on your mind and body to go into it without feeling good.

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If someone is so afraid of human contact and the "typical" (grueling, competative, painful) law school experience, then do they really want to be a lawyer?  I mean, whether or not an online school is legit, other attorneys will say OH  :-\ if you tell them in the future how you became an attorney ... law school is kind of a hazing ritual right of passage type of deal :)

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I would love to go head to head against online law school grads, but they never pass the bar so I never get the chance to humiliate them in court.


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Novus is legit just like ALU and other online distance schools this is how foreigners get their Degree to practice medicine in the US it seems a lot of you really need to go back and study the law on state and federal. First I have enroll in novus base on others I have known who have use this alternative method. Schools like Novus and others get a bad name b/c of of Major schools dont want the competition but change is coming many our getting their degree online. Once I finished Novus I will be attending Georgetown for 1 year then I will be elgible for the state bar. Some out jealous b/c they spent a fortune on law school and did not seek and another route. What made me persue a law degree was real estate and my personal experience with the justice system. i beat a high power attorney in my brothers case which they chose not to show up and the judge ask my brother who help him is a very talentive lawyer but it was me little old me. Many others are seeking their degrees online. is another great source. Why should any one respond to you guys when you are so negative. and not supportive just b/c you are going to be an attorney or what ever you persue will not make you rich. I want to be one so I can help others learn by helping others you will be bless in return. When the King of the Mountain see competition their react scared because they obtain everything  by pertending to be someone and when change come they dont now how to adapt they slowly burn out and try to bring others down with them.

I will keep you all updated on my progress save my email [email protected]

Make sure to bump when you start at GULC.

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Novus is only "real" in the aspect of being a member of the better business burea in California. Yes, you can do study under another attorney to get licensed, but you dont need Novus to do that. Dont let them lie to you. They are not bar approved. They are not accredited by anyone. Even the state approval agency that reconised in CA got shut down, so that is even gone now. In many states its illegal to use a fake degree. You could go to jail for placing Novus on a job application. If you found a good lawyer to learn under great. Skip Novus, use the lawyer. If he wants you to have a degree online use an "executive JD" from an accredited online school.

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NOVUS LAW SCHOOL is not listed on the CA BAR website in any section as a law school which will qualify a graduate to sit for the Baby Bar FYLSX and the CA Bar exam. I spoke with Ray Lavell at the CA BAR and he had no information about Novus. If one could sit for the CA FYLSX and after graduation the CA BAR exam, then I would be interested in the program. I believe however that your posting is correct about NOVUS is a tool for those students who will either be apprentices or law clerks, etc.


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Yes, I am a Novus Law School graduate.  I graduated last July (07) and it was a good and useful experience.  It took me 2 years.  I have not taken a bar as I really have no intentions of practicing law except for the legal handling of matters for my self. I learned a lot and feel that I could pass a bar if necessary.

There seems to be about 15 or so online law schools.  None are ABA accrediated for the JD degree so don't even look for that.  I ran accross a new one the other day, Mid-Atlantic School of Law, which looked interesting.  It also appears to be the least expensive by far.  I think the sit is

If you are considering an online law degree then do it.  You will not regret having that knowledge and it will help no matter what you do with your degree.

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I have bene working with an attorney for 5 years now. I have completed a certificate for Paralegal. I really love the passion and discssion and rigorous debate I ahve with my attorney. He is a 70 year old man who was a former assistant DA. I started out as a client and worked with him for 3 years on my particular dilemma and had a successful outcome. Success helps but all that aside - he is a very bright and fun man to work with! Wonderful to work with and really stretches my brain. I have helped him out on several cases here and there and now plan to do some part time work finally.  I am excited at the prospect of tackleing a JD. 

I have been in discussion with NOVUS online law school. At this point I am ready to go for it. Mainly because I found that I can take the BAR in another state and then return to my home state to practice law under certain circumstances.  I am doing this with the sincere hope that online law schools will one day be accepted to sit on the BAR. So I hop I can finish this before Bruce turns 73 and he is in good health perhaps we can work together for a couple of years.  For me this is about the only option as I have a family, work full time, and have my plate full! I am truly excited about this wonderful opportunity.

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Why not just register for BarBri (the course recent law school grads take in preparation for the bar)?  The outlines the course provides give you the black letter law that you need to know, and each day a professor (likely on video) walks you through the material for a few hours.  It costs about $2,500. 

What does Novus cost?  How would it differ from BarBri? 

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Dear Jeannie,
                        many thanks (and other Novus Alumnae) for your detailed information of Novus Law School. My thoughts were along the same lines but it takes like minded people to explore other avenues.   ;D

Many thanks

Distinctive Judge  ;)

Yes this is true but I would still like to hear from people who went to the school or took the courses. I checked them out on the Better Business web site and they look clean. If this is a scam we should try and get as much information out on it as possible to prevent anyone from being burned. ;D

Dear Discussion Members:

Novus isn't a "sham" school. Many DL (distance learning) schools do not have a campus - University of Phoenix for example (until recently) the Open and Distance Learning University in the UK and so on. Here's the thing...distance education has notoriously been considered sub-standard - yes and no. Having taken many, many course online, I can tell you all that the level of interaction, course development and delivery methods should be a primarly consideration for those of you who have never taken a distance course.

Of paramount importance when chosing anyinstitution - traditional or DL - is that you must make sure that it is accredited. There are two types of accreditation, Regional and National. Accreditation allows you to take the credits you earn at one instituion and transfer them to another. For example, if you recieve a lesser degree from a non-accredited institution, then attempt to use that degree to obtain a higher degree (sometimes a necessary requirement) your credits will not be acknowledged. The U.S. Board of Higher Education can help you find and/or confirm whoch schools have accreditation. Generally, Regional accreditation is the one most accepted. Although Novus' information states that having accreditation does not necessarily guarantee transfer of credits - NOT having accreditation most assuredly guarantees a 99% chance another school will not allow the transfer.

Faculty interaction, student support services (including online tutoring) and accessible course design are worth their weight in gold - trust me on this. I recently graduated from the Masters in Distance Education program at University of Maryland University College. I have also been a distance education program coordinator and advisor for a Criminal Justice and Criminology program..and, as I stated, a long time distance learner. I know the difference between a well designed program and one that is not.

Although Novus is a wonderful financial "deal", you must research their qualifications, take into account what you might need in the future ("I want to teach when I grow up"), how it is you learn, time considerations and committments. Novus is, essentially, a map to help you get where you want to go - a law degree - sort of like a blue print. If you aren't an architect you may find yourself having a heck of a time building that house. Of course, this doesn't mean that you cannot get what you want from Novus, it means that you must chose what is right for you. This is what will guarantee your success.

My e-mail is not blocked. If you have questions about a program, please feel free to contact me...I'm always happy to help. We're in the same boat!