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Georgetown EA and Letters of Recommendation

Georgetown EA and Letters of Recommendation
« on: January 16, 2007, 03:50:06 PM »
Does anyone know how imporatnt letters of recommendation are in the transfer process?  I plan to apply to Georgetown EA right on February 1st and they require one law professor LOR. 

I have one professor that I know I could get a really good letter from, but my class with him is a year long and I don't want to offend him by asking for a letter of recommendation to transfer while I am still in his class.  Would it be in bad taste to ask him now, or would that be okay to do?  If that is not okay, should I just ask a different professor who I won't have again?  I have two possibilities and I did really well in their classes, but I do not know them as well.

If it helps at all, my stats are: Top 30-40 school with a 3.8 (Top 1-2%).

Does anyone with experience in this type of thing have any advice?