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Applying to law school with a DUI

Applying to law school with a DUI
« on: March 31, 2006, 07:23:42 PM »
I got a DUI four years ago so I have to check yes when the question "have you ever been found guilty or pled no contest to violating the law.." on my application.  This is the only blight on my criminal record and some schools are asking for a explanation/dates regarding the matter.

There is no section in the application to address this and quite honestly I don't know what they are looking for.  What in the world should I put in this letter?  Do I apologize and say it was a one time mistake on my part and that I have learned my lesson?  Should I stick strictly to the facts of the case without giving any further insight?  To whom do I address the letter to? Should I put a header?  How long should it be?  Aaarrrggghhh!!

Did anyone else have to explain a similar incident on their law school app?  What did you write and what was the format of the letter?  Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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Re: Applying to law school with a DUI
« Reply #1 on: March 31, 2006, 08:48:45 PM »
write a short addendum.  do not make light of the incident.  be specific and to the point.  then in a short sentence or two explain a lesson learned by this embarrasing event and why it will not occur again.  if it was an isolated incident then it probably won't hurt you much.  if it is indicative of a pattern of behavior then you have a problem. 


i am both saddened and embarrased to admit that on xx/xx/xxxx i commited a heinous crime against mankind.  i killed five people is a coked out frenzy.  i was wrong.  after serving 40 years in a max sec prison i now feel that i can be a productive member of the legal community. etc.