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The Da Vinci crock

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Copying words and books is random indeed. But have you ever heard about copying crimes? :) There's a movie called smth like Copycat paying tribute to the idea. Psychologist Dr. Helen Hudson (Sigourney Weaver) is an expert on serial killers. However, after one of her previous subjects, incurable psychotic Daryll Lee Cullum (Harry Connick Jr), almost murders her, she becomes an agoraphobic, fearful of new attacks and living a terrified existence within the walls of her apartment. When a new series of murders begins which mimics the murders of famous serial killers down to incredibly precise details, detectives MJ Monahan (Holly Hunter) and Reuben Goetz (Dermot Mulroney) solicit Helen's help and expertise. Someone is imitating famed serial killers Albert Desalvo, Bianchi and Buono (aka the Hillside Strangler), David Berkowitz, and Jeffrey Dahmer. Serial killers Ted Bundy, Peter Kürten, and Edmund Kemper also are referenced. As the murders add up -- one victim turns out to be of Helen's gay assistant -- the "copycat killer" is revealed to be a lab technician named Peter Foley. He forces his way into Helen's apartment by disguising himself as a policeman. She is taken hostage to the place where Daryll Lee Cullum almost killed her. Foley tries to reenact the crime scene as closely as possible, even going so far as to kill another policeman at the scene just as had happened 13 months earlier. Detective Monahan shows up just in time. She shoots Foley in a climactic confrontation on a rooftop. The movie ends with Daryll Lee in prison, mailing a letter to yet another potential serial killer, continuing his efforts to destroy Helen Hudson.

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Hahaha - I know what ya mean, dadada! ;) ;)

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[...] Not only that but she was also having an allergic reaction to the drug, probably because of the synchronous use of Motrin. [...]

She was prescribed aspirin & motrin at the same time? That's a no no - she can go ahead and sue the doctor and the hospital he works for!

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Nana has created some pretty controversial stuff -- take a look at the following, for instance: while at first sight it seems he's affirming himself as a black man, the very way the lyric goes makes you think other things as well..

I'm a n i g g a 4 life, I'm - a n i g g a 4 life, uh, I'm - a n i g g a 4 life, I'm a n i g g a 4 life, I'm a n i g g a 4 life

Remember me come with me on a ride and see - What it takes to survive to feel free –
Like a bird in the sky – Then reach for the stars you wonder why –
Freeze you begin to memorize – Receive daily negative vibes –
Please see me down on my knees – Thank the Lord that I am black –
And I'm proud to achieve – To achieve I repeat fakes and non-believers can't speak –
I represent twent-four seven days a week – I creep through the streets hardly sleep to
prevent defeat – The lord is my shepard makes me strong and unique – Consequently because of that you are week – Survival of the fittest still smile check my cheek –
I am n i g g a for life black and proud yo let me speak

I'm a n i g g a 4 life, always judged by the cover
n i g g a 4 life, why do I have to suffer?
n i g g a 4 life, word cuts like a knife
What can I do? I'm a n i g g a 4 life

I'm a n i g g a 4 life, I'm - a n i g g a 4 life, uh, I'm - a n i g g a 4 life, I'm a n i g g a 4 life, I'm a n i g g a 4 life

Concider the fact of being slaves – after four hundred years you realize you're digging
your own grave – you reep what you saw I told you before – my colours is shine and
and it's black beautiful – you begin to trip your mind's playing those tricks – How can a n i g g a like he be so fix – I know you read the title of this very song – sorry I can't help it cause
I got it goin on – Don't waste my time cause time is money – A n i g g a always has to proove
and that ain't funny – Hurry hurry show me the money – You forget my colour all you see
is honey – Please, n i g g a n i g g a please n i g g a please – I only take you serious if you got the cheese – Survival of the fittest still smile check my cheek – I am n i g g a for life black and proud yo, let me speak!

I'm a n i g g a 4 life, always judged by the cover
n i g g a 4 life, why do I have to suffer?
n i g g a 4 life, word cuts like a knife
What can I do? I'm a n i g g a 4 life
I'm a n i g g a 4 life, always judged by the cover
n i g g a 4 life, why do I have to suffer?
n i g g a 4 life, word cuts like a knife
What can I do? I'm a n i g g a 4 life

I'm a n i g g a 4 life, n i g g a 4 life 

As Barack Obama's bid for the White House grows in popularity, America has been forced to deal with race relations on all fronts of society. On ABC's "The View," a panel of respectable women discuss many topics and how it relates to women in society. On this particular episode, they decided to discuss the Jesse Jackson gaffe that was aired and released by Fox News. Who better to lead this discussion than Whoopi Goldberg?

The media will use this clip to show conflict on the popular tv show. I think it was actually a very valuable discussion that needs to be had. I'm sure Whoopi and Elizabeth Hasselbeck are much closer because of this…

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Indeed, Ex, in a scene reminiscent of Rosie O'Donnell's days on "The View," hosts Elisabeth Hasselbeck and Whoopi Goldberg got into a heated exchange over the use of the "N" word on Thursday morning. Tempers flared during a particularly sizzling session of the show's "Hot Topics" segment while the ladies discussed Jesse Jackson's recent off-air use of the "N-word" while preparing for an appearance on "Fox & Friends" weekend show 2 weeks ago. Jackson accused Barack Obama of talking down to African-Americans and used the term in question. Jackson has since issued two statements of apology for his remarks, but nerves were still raw as Whoopi and Elisbeth disagreed about the use of the slur being used, regardless of who is saying it.

We live in a world where pop culture uses that term and we're trying to get to a place where we feel like we're in the same place," Elisabeth said. "How are we supposed to then...move forward if we keep using terms that bring back such pain?"

"I can tell you how, here's how we do it, you listen and say 'Okay, this is how we're using this word and this is why we do it,' and you have to say, 'I understand that, but let's find a new way to move forward,'" Whoopi fired back.

"We don't live in different worlds," Elisabeth insisted, "We live in the same world."

However, Whoopi fiercely disagreed with her co-host, saying, "We do live in different worlds, it's just that way. It is Elisabeth."

When Elisabeth became visibly upset, tearing up, Barbara Walters jumped in the middle of the disagreement.

"Take a breath, let someone else talk," "The View" creator snapped.

Elisabeth continued, "This is a conversation that is hard, and we're going to have it here, and we have it here because we love each other."

Luckily, co-host Joy Behar cooled the flames with a humorous quip.

"I thought that the 'N-word' that he used, was nuts?" Joy joked.

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Indeed, Ex, in a scene reminiscent of Rosie O'Donnell's days on "The View," hosts Elisabeth Hasselbeck and Whoopi Goldberg got into a heated exchange over the use of the "N" word on Thursday morning. [...]

Elizabeth is a bit weird.. take a look here:

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Indeed, Ex, in a scene reminiscent of Rosie O'Donnell's days on "The View," hosts Elisabeth Hasselbeck and Whoopi Goldberg got into a heated exchange over the use of the "N" word on Thursday morning. [...]

Elizabeth is a bit weird.. take a look here:

Mrs. Hasselbeck is being paranoid I think.. I mean who'd @ # ! * i n g care that much as to create a fictitious character bearing her name to poke fun of her?! Who the @ # ! * does she think she is?!

Five-a-side: Should Cristiano Ronaldo stay or go?
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Stop it -- Scolari will add value to Chelsea too, just like he did to all the teams he's been part of; however, be careful -- it is not just reporters who are likely to feel well-known Phil's ire ... Opponents, such as Serbia's Ivica Dragotinovic - and even rival fans are equally likely to be on the receiving end. Scolari is unlikely, either, to approve of London's Bohemian tendency, having characterised his spell in Kuwait in terms likely to put the gay lobby on edge.


New Chelsea manager Luiz Felipe Scolari is not expecting to take charge of his last match with Portugal just yet. Euro 2008 is Scolari's last competition after more than 5 years with the Portuguese national team. A win against Germany in the quarterfinals of the European Championship on Thursday would allow Scolari to stick around for at least another match before stepping down to take charge of the Premier League club. "I hope this is not my last game," Scolari said. "Our plan is to stay here (in Switzerland) until June 25, and I hope to beat Germany and continue as expected."

The final of the European tournament will be played in Austria. This is his last competition after more than 5 years with the Portuguese national team, which he led to the Euro 2004 final and the 2006 World Cup semifinal. The Brazilian coach said he expects his players to work even harder to keep it from being his last match. "From what I know them, from the friendship that I have with them, they will dedicate themselves even more," Scolari said. "And that's almost impossible because they have been giving all they have already." Despite his experience in major competitions -- Scolari won the 2002 World Cup with Brazil --, Scolari admitted he is anxious for the quarterfinal match against Germany in Basel.

"There is no way to be relaxed," he said. "In a final phase like this there are high expectations." He said his past with Brazil and Portugal can only help, though. "Sometimes you end up having to give confidence to the athletes even though you have doubts yourself," Scolari said. "But when you see the atmosphere like it is here, you just go out there and do what you have learned since the beginning of your (career)." As Brazil's coach in the 2002 World Cup, Scolari beat the Germans 2-0 in the final, with a goal by Ronaldo. "I would be happy if Cristiano Ronaldo scored this time," Scolari said. "But I will take a win against Germany with goals by anyone. The important thing is to advance." Portugal and Germany have met twice at the European Championship. They drew 0-0 in the first round in 1984, and Portugal beat the defending champions 3-0 in the group stage in 2000. Portugal lost the Euro 2004 final to Greece at home and were eliminated by France in the World Cup semifinals 2 years later.

(CNN) -- Should he stay or should he go? Manchester United insist Cristiano Ronaldo will still be wearing a red shirt next season but the Portuguese winger, courted by Real Madrid, has refused to rule out a move to Spain.  Football Fan Zone presents five reasons why Cristiano Ronaldo should stay at Manchester United and five reasons why he should move to Real Madrid.

Let us know what you think below -- we will tally up your comments and announce the final score at the end of the week.


Loyalty:nchester United took a huge risk when they signed Ronaldo as an unproven 18-year-old for what seemed a vast sum of $25 million in 2003. Since then, under the tutelage of Alex Ferguson and Carlos Queiroz, Ronaldo has developed from a raw talent more famous for his stepovers into the most effective and consistent player on the planet. United also stood by Ronaldo when he was widely blamed in England for getting his club mate Wayne Rooney sent off during the 2006 World Cup. At 23, Ronaldo owes his best years to United, the club that has helped him fulfil that potential. He has almost four years left on a contract worth $240,000 a week -- making him United's best paid player -- and he should honor it.

Glory: Having dominated the English Premier League for the past two seasons and won last season's Champions League, Manchester United are a club in the ascendancy. With a young team boasting the attacking talents of Ronaldo and Rooney, outstanding young prospects such as Anderson and Nani and a solid defense built around Rio Ferdinand and Nemanja Vidic, United could be the preeminent force in European football for seasons to come. If football is primarily about winning trophies, rather than money or lifestyle, then Ronaldo should stay where he is.

The Premier League: The English Premier League is the most watched football tournament on the planet and increasingly the stage on which the world's best players want to showcase their talents. It was no coincidence that three of last season's four Champions League semifinalists came from the EPL. This week the current world footballer of the year, Kaka, has been linked with a big money move to Chelsea. Real Madrid may be the Spanish champions and one of the world's most famous clubs, but United are currently the biggest club in the biggest league in the world.

Continuity: Leaving a club is always a risk and there is no guarantee that a player will settle successfully into a new set-up in a different country, as Thierry Henry has discovered at Barcelona. At Old Trafford, Ronaldo is the undisputed star with a system built around him and teammates working for him. At Real Madrid he would be one ego among many. Real's Dutch midfielder Wesley Sneijder has already warned that Ronaldo's arrival on a massively inflated salary would not be welcomed by other squad members: "It would be bad for the dressing room if he gets a much higher salary than the rest of the squad. It's not important to me but I know other teammates would not like that at all."

Injury: Having been carrying an ankle injury since March, Ronaldo finally went under the knife earlier this month and is expected to be sidelined until at least October -- long after the summer transfer window has closed. Ronaldo should be concentrating on getting back to full fitness as quickly as possible rather than worrying about a possible transfer. A move to a new club would also likely put him under more pressure to play before he has made a full recovery.


A fresh challenge: Ronaldo has achieved everything he can in English football after two near perfect seasons at Old Trafford, winning back-to-back English Premier League titles and player of the year awards and a European Champions League winner's medal. If the 23-year-old is to continue developing he needs to find new challenges; what bigger challenge than joining Real Madrid -- the club of the "Galacticos" -- for a world record transfer fee?

Carlos Queiroz: The former United assistant manager was a big influence on Ronaldo's career and an important mentor figure. With Queiroz departing to coach the Portuguese national side, will Old Trafford hold the same appeal for his protege? Ronaldo has said he is prepared to "upset" Alex Ferguson and admits he has not spoken to the United manager in weeks while apparently taking advice from former national team coach Luis Felipe Scolari -- now managing United's biggest rivals Chelsea.

Money: Real Madrid are apparently prepared to make Ronaldo the most expensive and best paid player in the world. A transfer fee of around $140 million would smash the $92 million Real paid for Zinedine Zidane in 2001. On top of that, Ronaldo could command wages of up to $400,000 a week. By comparison, United have said they are not prepared to renegotiate Ronaldo's current deal worth $240,000 a week. In an industry driven by money, Ronaldo should go where he can command the highest wages.

Lifestyle: It's a long way from the sun-drenched beaches of Ronaldo's home island of Maderia to the dreary gray skies of the northwest of England. Madrid may not have any beaches either but at least the weather and the food are more familar and it's a lot closer to home. As a city, Madrid is far better suited to Ronaldo's southern European temperament than Manchester.

Real Madrid: Manchester United may be big but Real Madrid are in a league all of their own. With nine European Cups and 31 Spanish titles to their name, Madrid's achievements are unrivalled. Having written himself into Manchester United folklore, Ronaldo has the opportunity to do the same on the Bernabeu pitch once graced by the likes of Francisco Gento, Alfredo di Stefano and Fernec Puskas. Ronaldo may already have done enough to win this year's world footballer of the year award but a move to Madrid would likely seal that honor: in recent years Luis Figo, Zinedine Zidane, Brazilian striker Ronaldo and Fabio Cannavaro have all won the honor while wearing the most famous white shirt in sport.

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Great avatar, n. and I love the awesome hit of your signature as well!

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Great signature line, doublevision -- the immortal Ace of Base -- with their monumental hit -- Happy Nation

Laudate omnes gentes laudate
Magnificat en secula
Et anima mea laudate
Magnificat en secuala

Happy nation living in a happy nation
Where people understand
And dream of the perfect man
A situation leading to sweet salvation
For the people for the good
For mankind brotherhood

Were traveling in time

Ideas by man and only that will last
And over time weve turned to the past
That no mans fit to rule the world alone
A man will die but not his ideas

Happy nation...

Were traveling in time
Traveling in time

Tell them weve gone too far
Tell them weve gone too far
Happy nation come through
And I will dance with you
Happy nation

Happy nation...