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Summer at US Attorney's office vs. Magistrate Judge vs. District Judge (updated)

I have been neglecting the board since I left the Pre-Law discussion, but now I hope for help.

The dilemma: summer job at the U.S. Attorney's Office (Civil Divison, Eastern District) or at a Magistrate Judge's chambers or at a District Judge's chambers (Southern District)?

What are your thoughts?  [Please don't tell me "depends on your interests", etc.  I want real OPINIONS!!]  Both internships / externships are obviously unpaid but will offer credit for the time, and location/commute is not an issue.

If you were making the choice, which would you choose and why?
Is one job any more "impressive" than the other (resume-wise)?

Re: Summer at US Attorney's office vs. Magistrate Judge
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What districts?  If the US District Attorney is Southern District, then go for it.

The question has been updated :

The dilemma:

  • U.S. Attorney's Office, Eastern District NY
  • Magistrate Judge's chambers, Eastern District NY
  • District Judge's chambers, Southern District NY


District Judge, no question.


def drop the magistrate.

Bwt the others, I'd say Dist Judge is slightly more impressive, but you're really just splitting hairs.  Its not like people are gonna be unimpressed by the US atty office.

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Which district judge, btw?  If it's Judge Wood, that would be SO AWESOME!  And who knows?  Maybe you'll get to hear another case about a Harrier jet?  ;)

I'm leaning towards the job w/ the District Judge...
.. but I'll see what else comes up!

Dist Ct Judge & US atty's office both sound equally impressive to me resume wise. 

I would now go by which one you liked better.  I interviewed with a number of district court chambers & found a great disparity in the environments.  You may only be doing jurisdiction checks on one end, or writing published opinions on the other. It does also depend on the prestige and experience of the particular judge.   


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District judge in my opinion.  In either case, you are taking the job to build your resume and get a good recomendation, not as a permanent employment option after law school.  So, you should ask which one would be the best connection and the best on a resume.  SDNY is a center of gravity for litigation, much more so than EDNY, and SDNY judges don't get there without being unbelievably connected.  Ride those coattails until the fall off. 

I am in a similar situation.  But deciding between a magistrate judge in SDNY or circuit judge for 9th circuit court of appeals.

I know the 9th circuit would be way more presitgous, but I feel like I'd get more writing and research opportunitites with the magistrate judge, and I want to work in NY after I graduate.

any thoughts?