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Ok guys.. Does anyone know about this?  ???

What part does extra-curricular activities play when attempting a
transfer from a T4 to a T1?

Let's say, for example, that one is a member of several campus
organizations(an officer in one), a writer for the campus newspaper,
logging volunteer hours (w/ Legal Aid) every week since the beginning
of 1L year, and a liaison to the admissions department (somewhat like
an "ambassador"). Let's also say that this person is on a national
steering committee of a political organization, and ranks somewhere in
the top 10% of his class.

What are his chances to get somewhere like GULC? Does participation
in a lot of activities greatly help his chances/help a little/not help
at all?

I really appreciate anyone's insight here. :)


Re: Extra-curriculars
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i would highly suggest posting your question on the transferapps site's board. you're bound to get some decent answers from people who know a lot about the transfer process, and probably even from those who have transferred.

the address is in case you don't have it. you have to be a registered yahoo member to access it.

in my own opinion, i wouldn't count on extracurriculars helping you to a great extent. your ranking is what will ultimately determine if you can make the jump from T4 to T14. but i can imagine that if you can still pull off top grades while participating in all of those activities, it will help at least somewhat. i bet law schools would prefer a transfer student with great grades who will also contribute to the school's community.


Re: Extra-curriculars
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I was actually wondering the opposite.  If you were elected to a position for a 3 year term, and are involved with a law journal, would schools frown upon your leaving?

I mean, it's not like you intend to transfer from the beginning.