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Transferring from a Tier 2 to a Tier 1 do the Benefits outweigh the Hassle?



how high within tier 1?

Top 10.  Not Harvard or Yale though.  Like a 8-10 ranked school


if you had to take a year off just to concentrate on the transfer process, it would still be worth it. that goes for any T14, imho.

if it's a T25, it's a tad riskier. if it's the rest of tier 1, it might be too risky.

If the T1 is in your geographic area or the area you want to end up working in, it would be worth it. But you also have to consider that if you are doing well enough to transfer to one of these top schools, you might also want to stay, esp. if the school you are at has a strong alumni base in your area.

Transferring from a T2 to a T14 is, almost always worth it.  The rest of T1... I don't know... that's a stickier question.

Administratively it's not really any more of a hassle than applying to law school in the first place, the benefits are enormous, and the risks are exceedingly low (worst case scenario you're on law review + top 10% at your T2 and you're out the application fee). 

That being said, if you are at a strong regional T2 that is top dog in its location (Case Western, USD, etc.), and you know you want to practice there, and your school throws money at you in an attempt to get you to stay (or if you're already on a significant scholarship)... then no, it may not be worth it.