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Tutor: MD Maryland Attorney's Exam (Feb 2006)

Tutor: MD Maryland Attorney's Exam (Feb 2006)
« on: November 05, 2005, 05:41:28 AM »
I offer a personalized bar tutorial for the Maryland MD Attorney's Exam, offered to attorneys who have been in practice for five years, as Maryland does not have admission on motion/reciprocity with any state. 

The course consists of between two (2) to three (3) months of instruction on black-letter law tested for the respective exam(s), and intensive practice using actual bar exam questions for the respective jurisdictions.

Format: The class is conducted online, which maximizes your study time, by eliminating wasted travel time and creates flexible class format that does not require one to quit their job, ignore their family and otherwise stop having a
life. This format also results in highly personalized interaction between the student and me.

Summary: I do the following during the class:

1. Supply a student with a topic and sub-topic frequency chart, detailing the most tested areas and sub-areas on the attorney's exam; which was created after an intensive analysis of old Maryland Attorney exam questions from 1998 until now.

2. Since the exam is open book, I am willing to obtain and tabulate the required three volume Mitchie set, based upon the most-frequently tested areas, for the student as well;

3. I supply the student with at least 3 actual old MD attorney exam questions for that subject, or one practice bar exam per week, which they must answer, using the materials to do so correctly. By the end of the class, you will have written at least 8 full bar exams, containing at least 10 questions each, before the exam. Practice question are carefully selected to reflect the most tested areas and sub-topics on the Maryland Attorney's Exam.

3. After the student returns their practice answers to me, I then provide detailed feedback on the student's answers, in order to diagnose and eliminate any problem areas. Plus, I assign additional essays for 'problem' subjects based upon the quality of the initial answers. I also teach a concise, efficient method for answering essay questions.

4. The emphasis in this class is constant correct practice. practice. You will learn how to manage your time most effectively during this extremely time-intensive and detail oriented test. facts. Most importantly, you will learn from your weaknesses and improve upon them. You will also learn to focus upon the most important areas, instead of trying to memorize the entire legal code.

Deadline: Ideally, I will be starting the class at the end of November (Nov 28) which will allow nearly three (3) months for instruction and review for the February 2006 Attorney's Exam. The class will last until at least a week before the exam. I can accept students later on, per their needs.

Typically, my students work during the day and have families, so the longer term works well for them. I am at least as demanding than the examiners will probably be, so you are well-prepared by exam day. This class uses an
active learning approach because you are always practicing bar exam skills, rather than just memorizing materials.

My Background: I am admitted and have practiced in MD, DC and GA, having used this method to pass the bar in all three jurisdictions. To date, I have successfully tutored other students on the bar, including the Maryland Attorney's Exam,  using these methods. I take very few students at once and work hard with each student on an
individual daily basis for the eleven or so weeks prior to the exam.

Books alone cannot provide feedback on the skills that one needs to pass this unique test. I can and will help a student to maximize their performance and pass the Attorney's Exam.

Price: My prices are extremely reasonable, considering the personalized quality of the instruction, and the length of the class, which is unavailable anywhere else.

If interested, please email me at [email protected].

References available upon request.