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Transferring DOWN

Transferring DOWN
« on: March 10, 2005, 07:41:36 AM »
Anyone know about transferring?  I have two concerns:

1) Financial Aid: Do you get shafted?  If you go to a school you were accepted at initially, will the award be similar?

2) None of the schools above where I am at particuarly interest me, in fact I chose where I am at in part because it was the highest ranked school I even wanted to go to.  Is transferring down going to get me a decent financial award?

Note: My grades are currently about dead center of the curve, and will be similar this semester.  Put me at about a 3.2 or so.

Re: Transferring DOWN
« Reply #1 on: March 13, 2005, 11:35:29 AM »
I don't think schools care if you are transferring down in terms of giving out money. For most schools (with exceptions like Harvard and Brooklyn and a few more) the entire first year admissions game goes out the window and they look at how well you did your first year. Most schools in the top 100 want you to definitely be top 20% and I believe a lot want you to be top 10%. I am sure there are some distinctions by school, such as if you are applying to a top 20 school and come from a Tier 4, they probably want you in the top 5% of your class, whereas a person from a Tier 1 may only have to be top 10% to transfer, but I don't think schools care if you are at a school ranked 40 and want to come to their school ranked 80. It doesn't help their ranking or numbers in any way to take some one from a higher ranked school. Like I said, they may give you slightly more leniency in making you only be in the top 10-15% rather than 5% but they won't shower money on you because you go to a higher ranked school. Most schools don't give money to transfers and the ones that do probably want you to be top 10% to give money.

That said, this might be completely different if you are talking about transferring to a Tier 4 school because they probably have a lot of people transfer out and want to replenish their school. I don't know anything about that -- perhaps they give money to transfers even if they are in the 50% of their class, but I still think this might be unlikely.