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Ruskiegirl is a man baby!

Ruskiegirl is a man baby!
« on: February 05, 2005, 10:47:15 AM »
first, your high-UGPA is from a third tier toilet and that's the only reason it's so high, so stop shining your PBK armor. almost anyone can make that grade at schools of the UT caliber, hence your shtty LSAT score.

second, you are not in the least bit physically attractive so stop referring to yourself as cute or hot and making "you wish" captions. in fact, in some of your avatar pictures (out of the many you have flaunted on here in an attempt to fish for compliments), you look like a man/trannie. seriously, whatever dude is with you is with you for personality or some other reason - cuz it ain't your looks, girl. even on BLSD, when you complained that other LSDers were trying to call you out and say you're ugly, no one replied with a "no, you're not."

third, yes, some of your posts are extremely helpful and insightful but quit with the holier-than-thou attitude. you do not know everything or even as much as you probably think you do. the bulk of your posts scream for attention. and yes, as someone else mentioned, why the hell are you on here so damn much? a 1L student who claims she's always busy and has so much work to do at the ever-so-prestigious Boalt? I bet you just barely made passes on your Boalt grades and I bet nobody cares for your "I'm-so-smart-I'm-so-hot" attitude at Boalt, hence you have to be content with LSD relationships.

and who made you the bastion for minorities everywhere? as someone else mentioned, most of your posts=vomit. quit with your foundationless drivel. waaah, they're calling me names…waaah, someone asked me what my grades are…waaah all my boyfriends are famous black athlete…waah, they're picking on Boalt. you should be reading your gd law books and making an attempt at more than merely passing. Work on those skillZ.

I'll give you this much: you do know your football.