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Eagerly Seeking a Project Assistant / Legal Assistant Position



I am currently trying to transition into the field of Law.  I am seeking a Career Change from IT.  I have been a network/software engineer for 15 years.  Law will be my 3rd career change and hopefully last.  I currently possess three Bachelor of Sciences.  They are in Marketing, International Business and Telecommunications Management.  I have a 3.75/4.0 Cum-lade.

I realize I will be taking a drastic pay-cut but I believe that happiness is worth much more.  If there is anyone out there that knows of any leads, websites, contacts...ANYTHING... please advise.  This may sound crazy, but I am not going to law school for money ( although I know I must have it live) and prestige but because this is truly something I feel I am called to do.  I really hope to make a difference.  I realize that the market is flooded with attorneys and I also realize that what I make now is the salary of an average attorney not at a top notch law firm.

Please advise.

Thank you ::) :)