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law school worst case scenario


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law school worst case scenario
« on: March 06, 2003, 04:33:57 AM »
I think I have encountered the law student’s second worst nightmare (second only to sleeping though an exam).

One of my classmates yesterday asked me how my paper was going… what paper?

It turns out that there is a draft of a final paper due tomorrow.  The professor of the class has never issued a syllabus and, apparently, has only once announced the draft due date of the paper (or - for that matter - that a draft was going to be required).  A few weeks ago I missed the class for a job interview.  This happened to coincide with the draft due date announcement.

Before leaving for my interview I emailed to the professor to ask about, of all things, my paper topic, and to report that I would be missing class for a job interview.  When I got back the next week, I emailed the professor to ask what was assigned.  The professor replied with the next week’s reading assignment, but never mentioned the paper draft.  The due date was never mentioned again.

I wrote to the professor and explained my predicament.  My deadline has been extended one week to the Friday of spring break.  Modifying spring break plans to write my paper is certainly inconvenient, but I’m much more bothered by the fact that I had to ask for an extension on the deadline.  Perhaps this will affect my grade, perhaps not.

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