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LSAT preparation
« on: August 28, 2003, 09:05:14 AM »
I am currently studying for the December LSAT and looking at the Princeton review book. It is really confusing me and I'm not doing so well on the tests. I am planning to take the testmasters course next month, should I just forget about the princeton review and wait for testmasters and study my butt off??


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Re: LSAT preparation
« Reply #1 on: August 28, 2003, 03:21:42 PM »
I heard statistically Princeton Reviewers median score increase is about 7 points.  However there is an exceptoin to every rule, so I wouldn't base your decision soely on that.  If PR isn't working (and I hear great things about testmasters and believe it or not Kaplan) then give that book up and take testmasters then study hard like you said. Bottom line, no matter what advertising ploys try and convince you otherwise, just follow your instincts.  I have heard and I fully support this: Just use whatever (or womever's)  strategies which best helps you understand the test and the problems, which ever YOU feel will best suit YOUR needs and aspirations of a good score.  Also important though is that you ALWAY use REAL LSAT's previously published and take the test under real conditions (by this I mean take a diagnotic --or preliminary test to see where you sit--  if possible Kaplan does offer free practice (diagnostic tests) LSAT's under real test restrictions I don't know about the others but I know at their centers they do. I hope this steers you in the right direction.  Just review with the material that you believ best helps you with your preperation. They (the prep courses) are all somewhat comprehensive and they all spout score gaurantees and con's of competitors just ignore all that stuff and just go with whom you think will best prepare you okay have fun study hard let me know if you have any other questions.  Hope this shed some light on the darkness of prep courses  ;D