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what do I need to score on the LSAT to...


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what do I need to score on the LSAT to...
« on: August 28, 2003, 09:00:10 AM »
I am planning to take my LSAT in December to apply for law school the following fall. (Yeah i know its a little late). Frankly, I am pretty oblivious to the law school applications process, what they expect, etc. So far I have graduated from Berkeley with a 3.29 GPA and have great letters of recommendation. What do i need to score on the LSAT in order to make it into one of the top tier schools? I would really like to go to school in Boston and am planning to apply for BU, BC. What do I need to score on my LSAt in order to get into one of those schools. And can anyone recommend any other good law schools in Boston?? I've heard Northeastern is a good school too.

Thanks so much~  :)


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Re: what do I need to score on the LSAT to...
« Reply #1 on: August 30, 2003, 09:36:28 PM »
In order to get into to Boston basedon LSAC data search you need to aim for 171 in order to have a 40-60 percent shot (based on 171 LSAT and 3.29 UGPA) and shoot for a 174 to get above a 75 percent chance of admission.  In adittion to make the=ings easier for I rook the liberty of looking up the medians for the LSAT and UGPA @ Boston (BC) (25-75 percentile in both) The results are in: 3.39-3.74 and 160-165 LSAT so based on these results your chances of admittance based on you gpa and an exceptional LSAT score (170+) your a shoe in.  Otherwise you do have a real chance with a 160ish+ as well.  As for your other questions, NE is a good school, with these credentails for the previous matriculants:
3.09-3.58 and 155-161 is easer going as for Boston University (BU): 3.17-3.55 and 163-166 then others not known in Boston include: Mew England School of Law (lowe tier):
2.87-3.37 and 147-152 (as you can see form the numbers neccasary in even the 75th percentile)
also there is Suffolk University Law School (which I hear although not as reputable as say Boston College but definitely is a good law school none the less) their numbers are as follows: 3.20-3.50 and 151-157
lastly in Boston making therea total of 6 ABA approved law schools is ofcourse Harvard (3.29 won't cut ths but just for informations sake and some really good luck) 3.76-3.94 and 167-173 Hope this helps you out quite a bit I did all the footwork for you so out of BU, BC, NESL, NE, SU, and HLS which one will you end up in? Have fun and study hard if you want to look up this info yourself just go to the LSAC homepage and then go to the link ABA approved Law schools. You can even weigh your chances based on prospective LSAT and your current GPA under LSAC data search.  Keep me posted  ;D. Plus since you admitted to being oblivious to the law school app process I would be glad to help you on any and all other questions you may have. (I am defintiely versed in this subject and this discussion board) GOOD LUCK and STUDY HARD ace the test and you'll be set

easier SAIDthanDONE ;D