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Multiple transcripts


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Multiple transcripts
« on: August 20, 2003, 07:33:54 AM »
Over the years, I have been at three different schools.

At the first university, I did "so-so" and pulled a 2.84 cumulative over three semesters.  At the second uni (DeVry :( ), in 2000, I was told that none of my 32 credits hours would transfer and I would need to start my CompSci degree all over again.  I said, "hell no", and stopped attending (I didn't drop out) and pulled a 0.5 on about 10 credit hours.

Now I am at my third university, as a Political Science major.  I've currently got a 3.2 institution GPA over 23 credit hours at this uni.  A's, B's, one C, and (yikes) a D (a badly taught compsci class).  Since my track record in PoliSci has been all A's, I have conservatively guesstimated a 3.5-3.6 when this is all said and done.  But that's only for my third university.

How the heck are admissions committees going to see this?  I'm sure to get nice recommendations and I am putting due diligence into my personal statement.  I'm confident to pull at least a 158-162 on the LSAT (I've not taken it yet).  I've worked full time during the day and put 9-15 credit hours each semester at night.  I have over 10 years in the IT world as a database and systems administrator.  I've also got four years military experience.

Could my "life experience" save me from that DeVry fiasco?  I'm at a loss as to how to explain myself on the addendum.  Anxiety is a PITA.



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Re: Multiple transcripts
« Reply #1 on: August 22, 2003, 07:21:50 AM »
Fortunately you will have a upward trend in your (3rd institution) UGPA but unfortunately unless you graduate 3.65-3.75 they will most likely dissect your GPA into the schools but LSAC will average them all together making your cummulative GPA about 1.64 currently.  However if you do well enough in Poli SCI then you can muster a 3.4 overall cum UGPA al based on how GPA and grades are calculated at all those institutions.  That DeVry thing might be waived with the right application and numbers. I understand where you're coming form becasue I wanted to go to DeVry but then when I couldn't finish the app process (fin-aid) I decided not to. (Afterall I am a Computer Technician)  
Best choice of my life my current and furure stats are now as follows
current 3.651 w/ 4.0 for 2 semesters
@ grad 3.9+
LSAT hopefully low 170's
Just stick in there and it will all be alright in the end, "Don't concern yourself  with the past but pave you way for the future." -- DD