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I put this in another thread but here goes. W and L is not my first choice only bc I am a born and bred Virginian and think it'd be exciting to try out somewhere new for my couple of years in law school. Lexington itself doesn't have alot to do, but it is within an hour's drive of blacksburg and charlottesville (VT and UVA) where there is alot more to do. But you can't beat the scenery at W&L with the mountains. I mean come on, how much do you really think you will be doing in the social world in law school? More importantly, it has been my experience that the law students I met were very kind and helpful, and acted that way towards other law students. It's still competitive, but no one is malicious. They like to see their peers succeed, it isn't a game (for most) about just coming out ahead.

Hope this helps a bit