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The latest from UVA Pre-law listserv

The latest from UVA Pre-law listserv
« on: November 12, 2004, 08:25:32 AM »
They usually have some useful information in these, so I will post everything that is not exclusive to UVA undergrads:

>From: [email protected]
>To: [email protected]
>Subject: PRELAW UPDATE:  11/10/04
>Date: Wed, 10 Nov 2004 17:00:46 -0500
>FAQs:  Should I wait to apply to Law School?
>This question has arisen repeatedly over the last several weeks in
>several forms:
>1.  Should I wait to submit my applications until my Fall grades are
>in (I expect them to improve my GPA)?
>2.  Should I wait until I re-take the LSAT in December?
>3.  What if I haven't started the application process yet, but think
>I can still finish everything by the deadlines?
>Let's address #1 and #2 first.  The simple answer is "No!" You will
>want to get your applications in as early as possible.  Any
>additional information -- whether it's an updated transcript or a
>new LSAT score -- will be forwarded to the law schools as the LSDAS
>receives them.  Apply now, include an addendum that states you
>intend to update your application upon completion of the Fall
>semester, and follow up appropriately.  Also, one semester's grades
>do not typically have a large impact on your overall GPA. Waiting
>simply isn't worth it.
>As for question #3, I'd like to stress the importance of two things.
>  First, the earlier you get your applications in, the better your
>chances of getting an offer.  Schools are beginning to review
>applications earlier and earlier, and most make offers on a rolling
>basis.  The later you apply, the fewer openings there will be.  The
>general wisdom is to get your applications in by Thanksgiving
>(Halloween if you're a real go-getter).  If you haven't yet taken
>the LSAT, and you're scheduled to take it in December, you have the
>chance to get your applications in by the New Year if you are really
>diligent.  This is later than I would like to see, but you still
>have a good chance of getting a strong review.  (A February test
>date, however, does not give you enough time in my opinion, and I
>would strongly encourage you to wait until next year).
>The second note I'd like to make here is that a rushed application
>is not a strong application. You want to be as competitive as
>possible in this market.  That means an impeccable application,
>personal statement, references, etc.  If you are rushing it, you
>will not have the opportunity to do this well, and it may cost you
>admittance to a school that would have been happy to take you
>Law schools will be here next year and the year after that and the
>year after that.  Trust me!  Take your time with this decision, and
>take your time with the process.
>Washington and Lee School of Law is hosting an Online Chat for
>prospective students on Wednesday, November 17, from 11:30 AM -1:00
>PM (EST). This event will give you the opportunity to chat with
>professors, career services, and admissions representatives. To join
>the chat log on to and click on "Online
>Chat Fall Schedule."
>IMMEDIATE FULL TIME OPENING: Paralegal for high-volume immigration
>litigation practice.
>>Self-starter with bachelor's degree, paralegal
>certificate, or equivalent
>>experience in immigration law practice and procedure.
>Prepare pleadings,
>>motions, correspondence, and other related documents for
>>review.  Work directly with clients to research and draft
>>applications for immigration benefits; including
>compiling, screening,
>>summarizing, and indexing supporting documentation
>according to strict
>>immigration court rules.  Research complex country
>conditions information
>>for asylum cases.  Monitor progress on administrative and
>court calendars
>>and apply pressure where stalled.
>>Full-time employment at regular business hours.
>Attention to detail and
>>ability to track, anticipate, and meet deadlines a must.
>Must be
>>comfortable with diverse client base and sensitive
>material.  Familiarity
>>with asylum and cancellation of removal paperwork a plus.
>>with standard office software, internet research, and
>fillable forms
>>programs a plus.  Foreign language ability a plus.
>>E-mail, fax, or mail resume and cover letter by November
>12, 2004 to
>>Michael Hadeed, Jr., Esq., Becker, Hadeed, Kellogg, &
>Berry, PC.; 5501
>>Backlick Road, Suite 220; Springfield, VA 22151; F:  703/
>>[email protected].
>>Jillian N. Kong-Sivert, Attorney at Law
>>Becker, Hadeed, Kellog & Berry, P.C
>>5501 Backlick Road, Ste. 220, Springfield, VA 22151
>>Ph:  703-333-3231, F:  703-256-5431
>Catherine Gillespie
>Assistant Director of Experiential Learning/Pre-Law Advisor
>UVA/University Career Services
>Bryant Hall/Scott Stadium